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Home automation is on the rise. As more and more homes are becoming “smart”. The technology has a vast influence on the way things are being done and humans have been constantly adapting to it. The IoT has been making waves and it does come with quite a lot of jargon.”

As smart homes is a new technology that connects home appliances and devices to perform actions autonomously. Development of these home automation devices has been called IoT (internet of things). IoT allows for your home appliances to become interconnected and connected to the internet allowing for unified control of these devices through apps, voice assistants and automation software. We have seen many devices developed over the past few years that enable your home to become connected. But how does it affect the way we live? Your alarm rings. Drapes are opened; coffee pot starts brewing your espresso. In the meantime, five minutes before your alarm went off, the water heater is turned on so that there is hot water so that there is hot water in the shower. When you step into the kitchen, based on the items available, you refrigerator suggests the breakfast you can prepare and reminds you of the eggs you need to buy. TVs and lights in every room turns off once you leave the house.

According to Mr. Shailesh Rajpal, “There will be over 20.5 billion connected ‘things’ these connected things will be taking home automation to an entirely new level. We can almost connect any imaginable device to the internet for a seamless experience. Automation driven by IoT is not only going to make our lives easier, comfortable and convenient but also conserve energy and save costs.”

At Last Mr. Rajpal concluded automation is not a fancy fad but the ability to control electricity consumption and save on costs, if deployed intelligently. It also provides an innovative way to keep your home secure. For instance, by way of smart motion sensors, you can check little ones or the elderly at home from miles away, when triggered you can watch your kids, be informed when the floor is unlocked or when there is maintenance work required. You will have seamless control of all the aspects of your residence with a flick of the switch.

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