5 Stage of Grief

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Depression treatment in Gurgaon has not been a new concept or process for the people living in the city, as Haryana is known to be the Drug capital of India, leading several young and adult minds to opt for the depression treatment in Gurgaon city. Depression treatment in Gurgaon is known for having well-facilitated staff and doctors talking and explaining today the 5 levels of stages of grief which a depressed patient goes through.


  • Denial: It is the first stage of grief, where the stage helps us to survive the loss and the world becomes absolutely meaningless with no sense. The patient undergoes a state of shock and absolute denial and goes numb. They think about how life will go on and find absolutely no reasons to live.


  • Anger: Anger is a quite necessary stage of healing. Therefore, always be willing to feel the patient’s anger even though it seems to feel endless. Thus, the more one truly feels it the more they begin to dissipate and the soon they start healing. There are obviously many other emotions under the anger and the patient will get to them on time, however anger is an emotion which is used to managing and that the truth of anger merely has no limits. It also can extend to the patient’s doctors, family, friends, themselves to god etc.



  • Bargaining: Before the loss of your loved one or after to save them or to make them come back, patients usually start bargaining with their doctors, friends, and even god to either take them and spare their loved ones. They do feel the pain while they are negotiating and forget them instantly flipping in and out but they do not enter or leave this stage without a linear fashion.


  • Depression: After the bargaining process, our attention mainly is squared to the root and present feeling and entering into a deeper level of pain which cannot even be imagined. These feelings though never last forever but it is a sign of high illness and a response to a great loss. The loss of losing a loved one is a very in-depth depressing situation than just a normal depression with an appropriate response, as to not experience depression after one is gone can be termed as a little unusual, however it ultimately settled into your soul and one realized that it is better to move on which can also be termed as understandable depressing, when a grief is in the process of healing.



  • Acceptance: After the understanding session, the final stage is when the patient accept the nature of living and accept the reality that their loved one is gone and that this has to be their new normal they need to maintain their life in such a manner which should have understanding, acceptance and finally the swift process of moving on through bits and pieces.


The five stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with the one we lost. They are tools to help us frame and identify what we may be feeling. But they are not stops on some linear timeline in grief.- David Kessler.


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