Are All Antioxidants Healthy for a Drug Addict’s Diet?

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Many Drug de-addiction center in Mumbai region believe that intaking antioxidants after or during the recovery times for drug addicts is a healthy sign of growth. As several doubts and questions were raised on this part, the drug de-addiction center in Mumbai region has come forward and has explained the meanings of antioxidants and why they are good for our health. Currently there are more than 53 Drug de-addiction center in Mumbai city.

Antioxidants initially grabbed the attention of the people in the 90s when the researchers of that era were able to find how oxidative damage by free radicals lead to so many health problems and what was the role of antioxidants in saving them. With the help of this finding and also because of the public’s awareness towards health the antioxidants were developed rapidly. It was proved that antioxidants were equally vital for the human body as vitamins and minerals are.

As technology has evolved and people have started to enjoy the modern lifestyle a heavy toll has taken place over our body due to pesticides, medicines, pollution,  Stress, antibiotics, alcohol, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, UV rays etc. These are some of the most known factors which contribute to the production of free radicals. If these factors are left uncontrolled, the molecules present inside them will be able to damage our cells and tissues which can therefore lead us to many hazardous health diseases. Antioxidants are thus termed as the first line of defence against these toxic molecules. It acts as a natural scavenger and tries to balance the free radicals and thus help in keeping their oxidative damage to a much minimum point.

There are hundreds of antioxidants present amongst which the most common ones are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Lycopene, Beta-Carotene, Selenium, Zinc Manganese, Coenzyme Q10, flavonoids, lutein, phenols and more. Every individual antioxidant serves a completely unique and different role from the other, thereafter they are interchangeable. There is also an antioxidant defence network where every individual antioxidant plays a specific role but also they all work together.

This agreeable effect of antioxidants is one of the main reasons that many of the dietitians, nutritionists and many other health promoters do advise people to eat a variety of healthy food which includes a wide range of fruit, vegetable, whole grains and legumes.

According to many observational studies, it has been suggested that people who consume more antioxidant rich foods have a lower risk of having diseases than people who do not consume them. According to a study published in October 2012 by the Indian Journal of Medicine, it was stated that more than 32,000 Indian women for 10 years concluded that those womens whose diets contained antioxidants had a 20% lower risk of having a heart attack compared to the women who consumed the least.

Take Away

A healthy and a well balanced diet should include varieties of antioxidant rich foods such as fruits, green vegetables, seeds, berries, nuts etc. are some of the best and are very effective for our body. You can also take supplements which should contain antioxidants and nutrients acquired from whole rich foods rather than synthetic sourced food.

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