Tricks To Reduce the Costs of Ads on Facebook!

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It is straightforward to spend all your social media budget even after thorough planning and not realizing where it has all gone. This can also happen if the Facebook ads you have published are not optimized to have a low cost per click (CPC). It is at times necessary for marketers to forego certain charges. Facebook is an excellent platform for marketers to post their advertisements as it offers good targeting options and affordable costs. Facebook ads, however, are influenced by a varied number of factors like the industry, audience, and goals. A good PPC Agency in Delhi will help you lower costs on Facebook ads.

Here are 6 Tricks to Lower the Costs of Ads on Facebook!

  1. Know your relevance score

 Facebook provides users with a relevance score on any campaign they run, informing them how relevant the ad is to the target audience. Engagement clicks and savings improve the score, whereas hiding the ad reduces the score. Facebook ranks ads with high relevance scores higher and prioritizes them. This will, in turn, lower the CPC.

  1. Concentrate on increasing CTR

 Your relevance score will increase if your click-through rate (CTR) increases. This will lower the cost of Facebook ads. This can be done by using a good call to action. One factor that reduces CTR is frequency. Frequency refers to the number of times the same person interacts with the same ad. If the frequency is high, then the CTR is likely to fall.


  1. Focus on running extremely targeted campaigns

 If you run highly targeted campaigns, you can design the campaign specifically for your ideal audience. This ensures that they are receptive to your ads which increases engagements, CTRs, relevance scores, hence lowering the cost of Facebook ads.


  1. Use Retargeting

Retargeting allows companies to show ads to users that are already familiar with your brand and its products. As this group of people has interacted with your brand before, they are likely to interact again. This increases your CTR and lowers CPC.

  1. Try Split Testing

Split testing or A/B testing is the process of trying different approaches to convey the same or similar message. Creating various visualizations of the same ad campaign using different visuals and copy, including different headlines and descriptions, provides you with options. The audience will determine which version works best while keeping the frequency low and increasing CTR.


  1. Target Facebook’s Desktop Newsfeed over the mobile app

 Facebook ads are not as effective on the mobile app as it is on desktop. As a result, marketers advise firms to target Facebook’s desktop newsfeed instead of the mobile app. Such ads also have higher CTR and engagement rates which increases relevance score and decreases CPCs.


The Best PPC Agency in Delhi, like TYC Communication, will provide you with such services as in the end, it does increase engagement which leads to higher conversion, which is the main goal all along.

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