Software Development Planning for Small & Mid-Size Businesses

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Do you know how many IT projects fail and why? The percent revolves around 14%. There are simple reasons behind these failures, such as lack of time, testing, proper planning, unspecified requirements, the involvement of many people, wrong estimation of budget, and much more like these.


But is failure considered to be a near certainty in business?


This can be sighted in some software projects as many of them do not work effectively. It should be kept in mind that if the software is an important part of your business, then failure is the last thing you probably get.


Every business’s objective is to serve its customers and having certain strategies and skills during the development phase is just the exact key you need for the successful accomplishment of your desired goals.


Now the main question arises, how will you choose which software development process is right for your business? If you are still figuring it out, then your search ends here, as you will be getting every basic detail in this article regarding the software development planning.


Let’s Understand!


Every piece of software is developed or made with a plan and a clear process, which should be followed in an exact place. There are a lot of things in life which can be done with a little ease but software development is, absolutely, not one of them.


But, luckily there are several software development processes that you can choose from with a correct format of planning according to your requirements.


Software development planning is indeed required by every enterprise, specifically for small and mid-size businesses to see a successful future. With a handy and effective software development plan and process, these enterprises can enter the league of large ones.


Small and mid-size businesses or SMB are the businesses that, due to their size, have different IT requirements and often face different IT challenges compared with large enterprises, whose IT resources are highly reserved.


Thus, one can always Hire Android App Developer India, as the android software support is the most commonly used and praised in India, thus over the years, the rise of the Hire Android App Developer India has been on the serious rise. You can also find and contact the Hire Android App Developer India companies who will gradually tag you along with your small business with valuable and efficient strategies.


To communicate the importance of small and mid-sized businesses, below are some key SME statistics with the current scenario of small and mid-sized industries.


  • Total number of SMEs in India: Estimated to be at 42.50 million (registered and unregistered), almost 95% of the total industrial unit in the country.
  • SME and employment opportunity: 40% of India’s workforce employs about 106 million.
  • Products: Produces more than 6000 products.
  • Output: 45% of the total Indian manufacturing output.
  • Fixed Assets: Current fixed assets at INR 1,471,912.94 crore.


Regardless of having a blueprint or not, every piece of software which is made has to go through a similar path or structure, that is from idea to a launching day. Altogether, the steps of this path are called the software development lifecycle or the process.


Conventionally each step is created with an output that can be in the form of an idea, document or diagram, etc. which is then used as the input for the next step until you reach your goal.




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