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A strict schedule with entry passes and a big glass window from your office desk while you day away in your office, reading the informational copies passed on from your clients and colleagues. However, it is not the same scenario today, as the whole world is facing the Covid-19 crisis, people are forced to work from home. Thus, as a year has passed and now people are finally acquainted with the working style, people are now creating a working ambience at home. This trend mostly has been seen in metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai, Delhi etc. where people are buying chairs online or offline and creating such a vibe. Talking about the Southern India, you can totally Buy Office Chairs in Chennai as being one of the biggest cities of Tamil Nadu, one can Buy Office Chairs in Chennai as the city has a diverse market range having all types of prices and designs available. You can also Buy Office Chairs in Chennai from wholesale or street markets that can decorate your office corner. Well, reviewing one of the biggest sellers of this year below, one can purchase this furniture set and totally pair it in your home, balcony, office lounge etc.

Flamaker 3 Pieces Patio Set

What is it?

This elegant looking patio furniture set consists of a pair of low chairs with a breathable cushion and a small glass topped table to accompany the chairs.

The chairs are made of synthetic PE in a wicker design. Wicker designs mimic the look of traditional wicker but are made from a high resilience material that’s strong and durable. It is also weather resistant and doesn’t fade easily. The chairs have a steel frame and are relatively easy to assemble.

How does it perform?

The chairs are comfortable. Although the size is on the smaller side with the cushions measuring about 20″ x 20″ inches. The cushions are thin but very comfortable. The covers are removable to offer easy cleaning and washing. The closed arm rest and leg design makes sure that the rattan doesn’t fall off even when the chairs haven’t been used for a while. The chairs sit about 16″ above the ground. The height may feel low to tall people. The seat can handle upto 250 lbs of weight making it easy for most users to sit comfortably.

The table features a tempered glass fixed to four suction cups. Easy to clean, it sometimes wobbles when rubbed a bit too hard. All in all, it’s a complete package. At the asking price, it’s a good deal.

Who’s it for?

A good fixture for office lounges, office corners and balconies of various sizes. The set can be utilized by anyone who likes the elegant looks that blend in with a modern interior and retain the classic wicker style. These may not be suitable as very portable options for frequent movers. Add-in a cushion or a throw pillow for the back for a truly complete package.

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