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Have you or your family members ever suffered from Arthritis? Arthritis is nothing but the joint pain which is expressed in terms of doctors terminology. The condition is differ for different age group people. It is worse with people who are aged more than 50. 


Even though millions of patients have completely recovered from this disorder, it is still getting lots of new cases everyday. It affects one more joint in an adult. The condition may be of 100 different types. The most common types are osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).


The patients may feel inflammation in the joints or may see redness in the skin in affected areas. The symptoms generally occur in the morning time. Arthritis is caused by the shortage of tissue called cartilage. When there is a lack of cartilage in the joints, the atithirits happens. 


If you are a resident in Madurai, then you may probably hear about Devadoss multispeciality Hospital. The Institute of orthopaedic Research and Accident Surgery (IORAS) was started in 1991 first at the premises of Devadoss Orthopaedic Hospital, KK Nagar and later at Devadoss Multi-speciality Hospital to address the need for comprehensive Orthopaedic care for the southern district. Prof.A. Devadoss with his vision to produce efficient and skilled Orthopaedic surgeons started this venture as an institution to train doctors under the Dip. N.B. Scheme of the National Board, New Delhi. The latest in accident surgeries such as intra interlocking nailing for long bone fractures, locking compression plating for joint fractures, Orthofix and ilizarov external fixators are performed here.


Sophisticated surgeries like computer assisted joint replacement, instrumented spine surgeries, limb reconstructive surgeries, pediatric orthopaedics and Arthroscopic surgeries are done at the centre

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