How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls and Attics

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Pest Control Services in Trichy Although there are several different rat species in the wild, the house mouse is properly named because of its tendency to look for shelter at home, especially in the wall and attic. Adult house rats are usually dusty gray with creamy stomachs and lengths can range from 2.5-3.75 inches. Apart from their simple appearance, house mice are famous for their adaptability to harsh conditions and rapid breeding. One mouse of a female house is able to produce up to 35 babies every year. Keep reading to learn more, including information about the removal of mice on your wall or attic.


Preventing home mice to attack your home is very important. Not only mouse infestation disorders, it can also cause some serious health risks. Rat house can bring bacteria, spread the disease and pollute the food. Their stool and urine particles can even become air, further deployment and potentially trigger asthma or allergic symptoms. Because home mice often defecate, their dirt can accumulate quickly in hidden rooms in your home, such as the wall interior and attic room.

Home mice can also unconsciously carry other pests with them, including fleas, fleas, mites and fleas, which can also bring bacteria and disease into your home.

If you suspect mouse infestations in your home, make sure to oversee signs of activity such as dirt, urine coloring, or a broken food container. We recommend to contact a professional to remove mice from the walls, attic, and other parts of the house. If you or your family members begin to show symptoms of diseases associated with mice, immediately seek medical attention.

Prevention tip

Fortunately, there are some acts of homeowners can take to prevent mouse infestations in areas such as walls and loft.

Mice can enter the space as small as a penny, so it’s important to seal a gap or crack that can give into your home. Precautions such as installing doors at the exterior door, repairing a damaged screen, filtering ventilation and openings to chimneys, sealing cracks and holes in the outside of the house, and replacing loose mortars and stripping weather all help to eliminate the possibility of the exterior entry point that might use.

In addition to blocking the entrance, it is also important to eliminate food, water and port resources that can attract mice to your home. Save food in an airtight container, throw garbage regularly, store the garage and free cabinets, make sure the attic and ventilated crawl space is good and dry, save firewood at least 20 feet from home, and keep bushes trimmed. By following this simple tips, homeowners can reduce the possibility that mice can attack their homes looking for food or shelter.

Warning signs

There are a number of key signs to look for that can show that you have mice in or around your house. You might start facing their waste. Home mouse droppings can be soft and moist or dry and solid. Measuring dirt around 0.125-0.25 inches and usually shaped stems with pointed tip. The home of the house mouse also has a different smell of ammonia which can be a clear indication that your home has unwanted invaders.

As a home mouse running around your house, evidence of their movements is often easily visible. Mice usually use the same lane when moving, produce a trace of scrub signs that are easily visible, dirt and footprints. The front leg of the house of the mouse left four to four legs and their back legs left the mold five to five, while their bodies left signs of greasy rubbing on the wall they traveled.

Rat house can also leave signs of gereches around the house, which can be rough or smooth. They also form Burrows using materials such as insulation and can eat seeds, cereals, or insects they meet in your home. Of course, if you have seen the actual mouse in your home, chances are only one of the many hiding just not visible.


If you suspect you have home mouse infestations in your home, make sure to immediately seek professional help. Professional licensed pest control is trained on how to get rid of mice quickly and safely on the walls, attic, or anywhere in your home. Visit our Find a Pro page to find professional pests in your area.

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