How to find a good app developer in Belgium

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How to find a good app developer in Belgium? Well, this question has been the most asked question of 2020. As we are in the age of the digital revolution, every one of us has some great ideas in mind, especially entrepreneurs. And to make that idea successful, we need some fantastic app ontwikkelaar belgie to turn our ideas into a successful reality, right? But how to find a good app developer to help you develop a project that ranks on App Stores. Well, there is a secret, you can easily find app developers in Belgium if you follow these few steps. Read on. 

How to find good app developers in Belgium?

First things first. 


  1. Do some research

Let’s suppose you want to buy a watch. You are also quite excited because there’s an offer coming up next week. For a few days now, you are looking up different watches online, their prices, types of watches and stuff like that. You’re doing your research so that you can buy the best watch at the best price, isn’t it? Yes, of course. 

Yes, so in the same way, you need to do your research when hiring an app developer in Belgium. You need to check out the different programming languages used for developing an app. The average app development costs, etc. Doing some research helps you understand the profession better, and that can help you select the best developer available in town. 

  1. Check the experience. 

It’s simple; if you want to find a good developer, you should check the developer’s experience. You should hire a developer based on your project requirement. If you have a simple app idea, then a developer with 2-3 years would do. If it’s a complex middle-level idea, you need to hire 3 -5 years of experienced developers. And if your project is complex, then 5+ years of experience is required. So it’s mandatory to check the experience of a developer before hiring. 

2. Look at their Portfolios. 

Well, assuming that you found that this is the right experienced developer you needed. What if the developer has created an app like yours before? Possible, yes, of course. So make sure that you look at the developers’ portfolios and take note of their past projects. 

3. Focus on their reporting method. 

Before hiring, it’s super important that you ask your developers about their reporting method. Because for a project to be successful, crystal clear communication is the key. Check with them about how they update you about the projects’ progress. Try to build a rapport with them and explain your vision very clearly to them. Any misinterpretations can lead to grave mistakes. So focus on their communication patterns & reporting methods while hiring. 

4. Be very clear about your expectations. 

Does that ever happen that you have certainly expected something good, but you get the opposite? Well, the same thing can happen in the case of hiring a developer. That is why be very clear about your expectations and what you want as an end result. Explain your vision thoroughly and your target. Be clear about your business needs; helps the developers to create an app solution that matches your requirements. 

5. Set criteria to judge a developer. 

app ontwikkelaar België are the world’s most demanded developers. So it is possible that you might find all developers good, well you can not hire all, right? So you need to follow some predefined rules while hiring an app developer in Belgium. 

Consider factors such as: 

  • Ratings & reviews by previous clients.
  • Experience
  • Technical skills
  • Reliability
  • Project management
  • Communication
  • Development methodology

The above factors can help you evaluate if it’s the right fit or not. Also, ask some below questions to get more insights about their work profile:

  • Can I get access to your previous projects?
  • Do you sign an NDA? (Non-disclosure agreement)
  • Which reporting tool do you use?
  • Which development methodology do you follow?
  • How will you update me about my project progress?
  • Have you developed an app of my kind?
  • Why do you follow?
  • What are your app development costs?

Now that you know how to find a good developer let’s come to the facts: where will you find a good developer. 

Where to find good app developers in Belgium?

Well, it’s time to reveal the secret 🙂


1. Partner with a mobile app development company 

The secret is you can easily find good developers in Belgium if you partner with a mobile app development company in Belgium. Hiring a mobile app development company in Belgium will open doors to having skillful developers work on your project. 

Not only that, hiring a mobile app developer for your project means that you will have a whole development team at your hand, and that would consist of designers, app testers, QA, etc. 

So to find good app developers in Belgium, partnering with a mobile app development company is a good option. 

2. Freelancing sites

If you want to choose the freelancing way, then you can hire freelance developers. Sites like Toptal & Hired can be your go to-go option if you want to hire freelancers. 

These sites have the best candidates as they only keep the top 3% in their list. One other major benefit you can get is the cost. These websites show the developers’ cost beforehand only, so you will know how much the freelancer will cost from the start. 

3. Your connections. 

A reliable option we have that we usually forget is our connections. Ask your colleagues/friends/relatives if they are a good app developer in reference. Words of mouth can be of great help in ensuring that you get good service.  

To wrap up,

Now that you know how to find an app developer, it’s time to be a part of that voyage and find your right match. If you need any assistance, you can always contact us. We at EurecaApps are always ready to help. 

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