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Businesses worldwide have realized mobile apps are overtaking desktops in everything. And they know that having just a website for their business won’t do justice to their business anymore. Consequently, in this era of mobile apps, businesses are going for mobile app development.

Whatever it is, you will have to create your app from scratch. If you’re a techie, you should try coding your app. And if you’re not, app development companies like Indian App Developers can help you to develop your app & launch it on the App Stores.

With several opportunities in hand, let’s quickly dive into the steps to create an app from scratch!

Steps to create an app from scratch:

Follow the steps carefully, and you will nail it gracefully :

Pen Down Your Idea

Do you have an excellent app idea in your mind? Then, it’s time to get it down on paper. This is the first step you can take if you are interested in bringing your idea to life. We suggest that you pen down everything you have in your mind. Penning down opens your mind and helps you gain further insights into your objective.

At this point, the name of your app should also be decided.

Define Your Objectives

What is it that you are aiming for through your app?

Do you intend to offer a solution, generate additional sales, or just enhance customer experience? Define your objectives clearly, no matter what they are. Because once the objectives/purpose are clearly defined, it will become easier for you to reach your target audience.

E.g., Your objective is to generate additional sales; you need to incorporate features that significantly help procure more sales to get expected results.

Decide On the Launching Platform

After your objectives are defined and the target audience selected. It’s time to decide which app development platform to go with. Whether it is Android that you want to develop your app in or is it iOS.

Decide the platform for your app based on your target customers. Largely which mobile app platform do your potential users use? If it’s Android, then how to create an app for Android should be your next question. The following development procedures of your app will depend upon the platform to choose.

Analyze your Competitors

The main requirement for developing an app for scratch is doing proper competitor research.

So don’t just start the development process;

Wait, take a pause.

And answer these two questions:

  • Is your app idea new to the market? Is it unique?
  • Is your app similar to an existing app already available in the market?

Suppose your app idea is unique in the market. Then do some basic analysis of the market. For example, ask, do users need that product and are you solving any users’ problem.

If your app idea is similar to an existing one, then do a deep analysis of your competitors. Check out their pain & gain points. Search for flaws in their product. You don’t have to correct them; instead, make their flaw your weapon and rule the market.

Match your competitor analysis report with your objectives, and then decide the features & functionalities that you can put in your app to make it to the top.

  1. Choose an App Development Company

This is a crucial step in your app development journey. Now that you have decided what you expect in your app, it’s time to partner with a potential match.

You can go on top B2B platforms like Clutch, Good Firms or Futura Apps and search the top mobile app development companies. You can partner with the one you feel can work on your project and have suitable years of experience to support your fantastic idea.

This step might be a time-consuming process, but here’s a tip; check the companies’ portfolios and only shortlist the companies that have worked on projects related to your genre.

Interview them, and discuss with them your vision, if you think that their goals align with your vision, then it’s time to take the final call.

We know you will be able to select the perfect fit for your project.

  1. App Development Process for Your App – Wireframe, Feedback, Code, Test in a Real Environment.

Now that you have selected the app development company, build a good rapport with them and communicate your ideas clearly & concisely.

Once you hire them, this is the app development process the company will follow.

Firstly, they will understand your idea then they will create a scope of work.

After the scope of work, they will move on to wireframe your app. Wireframing acts as a visual guide and represents the skeletal framework of the application. The flow between various features & functionalities will be decided and how the app will work will be shown to you.

After that, the wireframe would be tested to acknowledge any hindrance that might be occurring in the user experience. Also, if it’s an experienced app development company, then feedback would be asked from you.

You can suggest them any changes, be it adding something or subtracting something. Once that’s done, your app development company will revise and review it. If it’s finalized, the development of the app starts, which involves programming.

This step is a collaborative effort between a designer & a developer. In this step, extra plugins are also added to improve the features and enhance the user experience. A critical phase in this process is building a home screen that is easily navigable and easy for users to act.

Once the app development is completed, the app needs to be tested in real working environments. Finally, the entire app is tested to check the overall efficiency, and all the bugs are debugged; the mobile app is ready to be launched.

  1. Time to launch

Once the app is ready to be submitted on App Stores, it’s necessary to check that all the documents & compliance are ready. And also, all the protocols are followed.

It’s recommended that along with launching the app, one should also do marketing beforehand to give a platform to the users. Promoting your app through social media is also a considerable idea to enhance your connectivity and gain more users.


One key thing to remember while developing an app from scratch is your requirements and your budget. Your needs should go hand in hand with your budget. Thus, it is advisable to do proper planning when planning to develop a mobile app.

Well, keep calm, and the rest of the things will follow. If you have any questions…

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