Guide for Children with Addicted Parent

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Several Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon have witnessed that many teenagers entering adulthood come to their door in need to help their parents struggling with drug or alcohol abuse issues. This Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon thus came up with a survey which showcased that around 42% of the cases in the area shows the statistics where teenage kids or adults are in agony and in stress because of the fact that their parents are addicts. As the Gurgaon district is known for its active participation in drugs and alcohols, many Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon have people who are bad parents to their kids and have been struggling with this issue for a long period of time.


Regardless of age, every person always has a deep influence on their parents in their lives. These influences not only include the biological parents but also close relatives which can cause a negative reflection on the lives of young minds with their habits, values, communication styles and behaviors. This is a pattern which mainly applies to the way one uses drugs or alcohol. Now, the National Institute on Drug and Alcohol Abuse carries an estimation that about 25% of Indian kids mainly grow up in households where substance abuse is a main concern. Under such as environment, children are approximately twice likely to develop an addictive disorder themselves and are also likely to experience the following mentioned experiences:

  • Gradual poor performance in school
  • Sudden emotional and behavioral problems
  • Always having a low self-esteem
  • Having a higher risk of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse
  • Having a higher risk of developing anxiety or depression
  • Earlier onset of experimentation with drugs or alcohol as it is present in their homes
  • A greater chance of becoming addicted once they start consuming drugs or alcohol


Thus, on a very positive note, children do have a powerful impact on the adult lives as well as they do as they too have an access to the accurate resources and support services and can call a ring. Learning about such support services therefore is a must and how to use them in an accurate and helpful manner is also very important as it can change their and their parent’s future.


Helping the Addicted Parent: A Reverse Role

Now, in a healthy parent-child relationship, the parent usually takes on the role of a caregiver providing physical shelter, financial security and emotional support to the younger one who is still developing. Now, a parent-child relationship mainly involving substance abuse faces the issues of a role which is suddenly reversed, where the child starts to take care of the parent. Now, many children handle this problem and do get accustomed to adapting to this change, while some do not and some are even not aware of such responsibility. Thus, if being the younger soul and resolving the issues, one mind can perform the following activities and can help the older mind out. They are as follows:

  • Listening to the recounted stories of sexual encounters that they had when they were high.
  • Feeling the need to rescue a parent who is experiencing severe depression or suicidal thoughts
  • Agreeing to sleep in the same bed with a parent who is experiencing anxiety and fear of being alone



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