Gastric Bypass Market Trends, And Forecast 2017 to 2023

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Gastric bypass is one of the best-studied surgeries that can lead to several benefits including positive effects for sleep apnea, blood pressure, certain forms of cancer, and improvement in diabetes along with the remarkably fast weight reduction. During the multiple researches conducted, a drastic reduction (more than 90 percent) in new onset type 2 diabetes was found.

Also in other obesity-related conditions assessed, a significant reduction in the occurrence of both high blood pressure and dyslipidemia was found. Owing to these phenomenal outcomes that the surgery offers, the market for Gastric Bypass is growing pervasively, witnessing an extensive uptake all around the world.

Acknowledging the growth, this market perceives currently; Market Research Future (MRFR) in its recently published study report asserts that the global Gastric Bypass market will grow exponentially  by 2023; posting a CAGR of 6.1% during the review period (2017 – 2023).

Ever-increasing population, along with the growing urbanization is dictating the demand for the effective healthcare more than ever. Simultaneously, improving economic conditions are acting as a growth propellant, meeting the demand by proliferating the number of healthcare facilities. Substantial investments made in the field of development of medicines and supporting devices have brought up novelties in the surgery, widening its uptake which further leads to increasing the market size of Gastric Bypass worldwide.

Despite demonstrating the positive overall effects and strong benefits, there are some side effects associated with the gastric bypass which are hindering the market growth. For instance; suicidal tendencies are reported in people who have this surgery. Nevertheless, a full-fledged counselling session are conducted before and after the surgery highlighting the need for greater attention to patients’ psychological health.

Gastric Bypass Market – Geographical Analysis

The North America market dominates the global Gastric Bypass market commanding the largest market share, followed by Europe Asia Pacific market, respectively. Factors substantiating the market growth in the region include the increasing prevalence of obesity and cardiovascular diseases, availability of healthcare specialty services and the presence of well-established market players and manufacturing set ups for the surgical devices.

The significantly growing market of the US backed by the well-developed technology and high healthcare expenditure accounts for the key contributor to the growth of the market in the region. Following the same growth trends in the future, the region is expected to retain its dominance.

Whereas, the Europe market for Gastric Bypass, holding the second position in global space, is growing due to the increasing diabetic population, extensive research development activities in the field of gastroenterology along with the availability of funds for research.

Germany and France among other European countries account for the largest contributors to the market growth owing to the increasing use of minimally invasive surgical procedures in hospitals, and surgical centers.

Increasing funding support from the private and public bodies are paying off well, increasing RD activities, and eventually are supporting the market growth in the region. Owing to the availability of new treatment methods that are increasingly meeting the growing demand for the treatments the APAC region is expected to become the fastest growing market for the Gastric Bypass.

Key Players:

Some of the leaders driving the Global Gastric Bypass Market include Intuitive Surgical Inc. (US), Medtronic (US), TransEnterix Inc.  (US), USGI Medical Inc. (US), ALLERGAN (Republic of Ireland), Cousin Biotech (France), Johnson Johnson Services, Inc. (US), GI Dynamics Inc. (US), and Mediflex Surgical Product (US).  Profiling them in its analysis MRFR finds out their strategies placing them at the forefront of completion.

Industry/Innovation/Related News:

June 12, 2018 – Scientists at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (USA) published the study of a pill they have developed in the magazine – Nature Materials. According to the scientists the pill can mimic the gastric bypass surgery and treat obesity and diabetes further eliminating the need for the surgery.

The pill is administered orally, to temporarily coat the patient’s intestines with a substance that reduces blood sugar levels. ‘LuCl’, the engineered substance is called as and is evaluated to be effective in lowering the blood sugar response post-meal. Also, this is a far less invasive option compared to gastric bypass surgery, which has known positive effects on obesity and diabetes.


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