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If you’re already confident in your editing skills, and have some experience already,
I recommend going it alone. There are several freelance sites where you can bid on editing projects,
like Guru, Freelancer, or Upwork. You can also make your own website. The competition is fierce,
and you’ll have to know a lot about search engines, website ranking and traffic in order to succeed
via this route.

However, if you are the only editor for your business, you might not need a lot of work anyway.
How to make a successful editing site? Start out with your education, background, and experience.
You can either decide to go “personal” ie. “Laura Smith’s Editing Company” or commercial “XYZ editing
and proofreading company.” Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Make sure your site is clean and stylish; many editing websites look terrible and a nice template
will set yours apart. Don’t make it too “bloggy” or personal—keep it simple. White background,
not too many pictures, and of course absolutely flawless text. (There’s nothing worse than a website
offering editing and proofreading services full of errors.)

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