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Jungle Scout- How to Use Amazon Seller Central Reports to Grow Your Business

When it comes to running a business, you need to make decisions based on the information you receive, to ensure that your business is running smoothly. Most rely on instinct when it comes to business decisions, but once you have reliable information, the next steps to strengthen your business are clear. This is where Amazon’s Central Merchant Reports come in.

Fortunately, with an Amazon Seller merchant account, you have access to a variety of business reports, helping you to operate and grow your Amazon business.

Important information provided in each business report can help you make decisions about your advertising campaigns, content listing, pricing – and much more.

What are Amazon Business Reports?

What reports should you focus on and how do you read the report data?

What other types of Amazon seller reports should you be aware of?

What are Amazon Business Reports?

Amazon Merchant Reports provide sellers like you with important information and tracking data for your business. In these reports, you can see data such as the number of units you ordered, how many people visited your listing, conversion rates, total sales prices, and your Buy Box percentage.

There are many other reports available from Seller Central, such as return reports, advertising reports, FBA fulfillment reports, and juvenile asset reports.

These reports allow you to monitor the performance of all aspects of your business so that you can make informed decisions about how to proceed. Instead of making decisions based on your feelings, use the important information Amazon gives you to grow your business.

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The Selling Family- 5 Ways To Know Selling On Amazon is Right For You

1. You can access a computer, printer, and smartphone.

These are three important tools for selling on Amazon.

You need a computer to list products and manage your Amazon account.

You need a printer to print product labels and shipping labels.

You need a smartphone to find profitable products in stores.

I have had students start their own businesses without one or more of these. Maybe they use a library to get a computer and a printer. Or, they only release products online, which means no smartphone is required.

Excellent situation, you have all 3 available and know how to use it

2. You do not need to make money TOMORROW.

It takes time to start an Amazon business. It may take a week or more for your account to be approved, a week or more for your first products to arrive, and then for 3-4 weeks for the deposits to start coming your way.

If you are looking to get started on Amazon because you have debts that need to be paid next week, this is not what you want. You may need to find a job and build your Amazon business on the side right now. Once profitable, you can quit that job and focus on Amazon only if you want to.

I suggest that my students spend the first 3 months of their business putting all of their profits back into a new list so that they can begin to see consistent sales and deposits before demanding money from profits.

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Feedback Whiz- Multiple Amazon Marketplaces: Here’s What The Experts Say

Do Your Homework

Do your research as you think about expanding to a new market. Dig deeper into what the global presentation includes – taxes, product compatibility, labeling, import rules, etc. Think of a language barrier, a set of tools you can rely on, and make sure you have a plan for how you will use your country business after launch.

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Bookmark These Top Amazon Seller Resources to Keep You in the Know- Helium 10

Changing times. Dylan’s words have not gone unnoticed, even as we move forward in the 21st century.

At Amazon, the change is about the only thing you can truly trust. Not only did e-commerce emerge as the heir apparent of the glamorous global business, but more people than ever before are learning to sell on Amazon. This means that things are changing fast.

The bad news: As we learn about life on the planet (and the American Werewolf in London), change can be challenging and extremely painful.

The good news: As we’ve learned from years of carefully crafting Amazon seller tools (and from Mrs. Doubtfire), sometimes change is necessary to stay in the game.

Below, we have included Amazon merchant services that we think will be of great help to you as you build your online business. Staying up-to-date on Amazon’s terms and conditions, moving forward on e-commerce issues, and exploding competitions where everyone is caught doing the same thing will help set you apart from the average retailer.

In the same way, we use those big, digital billboards at airports to make sure our flight arrives on time, we recommend booking these funny e-commerce services to refer to every few days or to make sure you keep track of your destination… sales success online.

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