Alcohol, Drugs and Child Psychiatry

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The Drug Rehabilitation Center Pune, mainly focuses on the mental concerns of our clients having at the different stages of their lives and preventing them from reaching their complete potential of turning into an addict and becoming a part of the society and their families. The Drug Rehabilitation Center Pune, mainly uses certain comprehensive assessments for behavioral, emotional, psychosomatic and neurological disorders. The Drug Rehabilitation Center Pune helps each of their patients individually. Providing individual group therapy, family and marital counselling sessions, crisis intervention and management of stress, management of chronic pain associated with the stress and poor mental health, we focus and start from the absolute basics.


Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.


We understand that mental health is very important for well-being and to lead towards a successful life. An individual who is emotionally and mentally balanced is absolutely capable of working productively and making ever significant contributions towards their society and community. On the other hand, the mental issues are absolutely non-negligible and form a negative impact on the way we individuals think and behave and react in our personal goals and satisfaction levels.


If an individual is left without the treatment process, their mental health will surely decline which can cause effects on their life emotionally, socially and in their interpersonal front too. By seeking the help of our team, you can address them in a safe and secured, totally supportive and confidential environment. We also provide tele-counselling sessions with our international patients comforting and guiding them from their homes.


Having years of experience in treating alcohol and mental disorder patients, our team consists of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and special educators, where we use the evidence based therapy sessions and als special interventions bringing a positive change in your life. The age groups we tend to undertake are: Child, Adult and Adolescent. You can also opt for the Individualized drug counselling not only focuses on reducing or stopping an illicit drug or alcohol use but it also addresses the issues mainly related to the fields of impaired functioning including illegal activity, employment status and also the social and family relations all included in the structure and content of the patient’s recovery program.


Through this emphasis on the short-term behavioral goals, individualized counselling, it helps the patient develop a coping strategy and tools to abstain from the drug use and maintain an abstinence, and also one can opt for The outpatient treatment mainly varies in the types and intensity of the various services which they offer. Such treatments cost less than the residential or inpatient treatment options and are usually more suitable for people having jobs or being in the extensive social support groups. It therefore should also be taken into consideration that the low-intensity program may offer a little more note on drug education rather than alcohol. Other outpatient models for example the intensive day treatment is compared to the residential program in effectiveness and services which mainly depend on an individual patient’s characteristics and their needs.



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