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Looking for a way to slice through the communication obstacle between you and your prospects? In today’s digital era, it’s obvious for your target market to become overfilled with online ads and email advertisements. It’s time to take an established method to reach your prospects, print media. Still not sure if spending in print media is right for you? According to Forbes Magazine, print elements and publications propose your customers and prospects a realistic experience that can’t be replicated online

At DHS OFFSET Books Printing Services in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, publishers and authors get exactly what they want — more options and fewer hassles. Our exquisite printing project management skills and excellent service assure that the process goes smoothly from start to finish. We take pride in managing your book printing requirements, so you can focus on the business of publishing.

If you’re looking for book printers in India who make ordering easy, you’ve come to the right place. DHS off set Book Printers can process your book printing in 48 working hours (if it is a perfect binding/spiral/wire binding) and the countdown starts when the artwork is ready to print.

Two additional days are required for hard case bookbinding.

Our book printing capabilities include high-quality offset printing services (one to four colour), multi-colour, and full-colour textbook printing services. We offer a variety of papers, for example, map litho and art paper from 58 gsm to 220 gsm for the inside pages and 220 -350 gsm art cards for covers. We have a complete in-house bindery with the facilities to finish books of all kinds.


Publications, books, magazines and other types of printed materials are tangible details. These details can stay in offices or houses for months or even years after they have arrived. While many intangible advertising materials are serviceable for a single view, the benefits of print media increase farther than most people think.


Like the feeling you get when you see Business Standard or your preferred magazine on the shelf, there is something to be said about the impression of legitimacy that comes from print.

You are able to put the printed Magazine down and resume your reading at any time.


Marketers know the benefits of having a well-known brand, and printed books and additional branded materials are a great way to engage an audience and build your brand. It enables you to bring the aesthetic qualities of font, colours, images and texture that helps to build brand perception.


The design and positioning of your company advertisements in books, journals and magazines can assist you to reach your target prospects, whether it be a niche market or the general society. By advantage of the information of demographics, you are able to accurately place your brand in the correct place at the appropriate time, in front of the right people.


Websites are often browsed in as little as 15 seconds in a visit. When a customer or prospect reads a published book or magazine, they are more involved for a longer period of time. On average, a reader spends 43 minutes reading a magazine.

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