Why India Needs Drug Rehabilitation Centers?

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There is a huge gap between the demand for drug rehabilitation center in Mumbai and the facilities available for it. On the topic of drug rehabilitation center in Mumbai, different government departments and ministries have started their work to address the problem of drug use. Like elsewhere in the world, the key 3 approaches are followed while addressing this issue which is, ‘Supply Reduction’, ‘Demand Reduction’, and ‘Harm Reduction’. The ‘Supply Reduction’ Sector mainly of the government works towards reducing the availability of the harmful drugs via the drug laws and policies and is mainly managed by the Department of Revenue, the Ministry of Finance, the NCB, Ministry of Home Affairs and by several other different agencies. The ‘Demand Reduction’ Sector mainly deals with the reducing demands for the drugs within the population via various drug rehabilitation center in Mumbai, preventions etc. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, is the nodal ministry for demand reduction and has a “Scheme for Prevention of Alcoholism and Substance (Drugs) Abuse”. The health sector of India also plays a very vital role in the process of reducing the drug demand among the general public via organising several health-care camps etc.

The health system consists of various medical professionals, where they have made efforts to train their paramedical and paraclinical staff to become professionals handling a number of patients at a time. Along with the development of the training process and conducting various programs too, it is very important to build the resource materials including the manuals and handbooks of nurses and the paramedical staff for various interventions including psychosocial, pharmacotherapy etc.

The provisions of treatment services have also focused on the inpatient treatment service mainly, but with the accumulating experience of India and globally on this serious issue, hospitals and rehabilitation centers have now understood that a large number of patients struggling from drug addiction can also be treated on an outpatient basis with the needful necessities if available. The recent development scheme of the government of India is more likely to be successful since it is entirely based on the funding support from the central government with the mentoring which is provided by the prestigious academic institutions located across the country. Many individuals with drug consumption disorder primarily hesitate to opt for treatment programs as they don’t recognize their habits as a cause of problems, therefore, with the intervention of such rehabilitation facilities and support of their loved ones, one can make the realization process better and help them with a confident and supporting heart.

As band aids don’t fix bullet holes, similarly only the treatment programs, or medications, or a psychiatrist cannot bring an addicted patient back to a sober life. Following all the needful treatment processes, and working in a cooperative and positive team towards the needful, success can thus, only be achieved then. These issues need a healthy initiative from the government and from the general public to be considered as an important support and issue. There is a serious need of constant monitoring and nurturing of the scheme which can cause a positive change as it is a high time that the drug addiction treatment gets a mainstream importance into the general healthcare system.

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