Why Do Students Drink Alcohol?

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Many Alcohol rehabilitation center in Pune district have witnessed that the intake of student drinkers in the city has been on the rise as several alcohol rehabilitation center in Pune district saw most of their clients among the age group of 16 to 21 years old which is complete teenage year and either the individual would be in college or in school making them a student. Therefore the Alcohol rehabilitation center in Pune, started its research as to why there is a need for such young students to get into such a hazardous type of addict which can cause permanent damage to their body or also can lead towards a sudden or slow death. The most 3 common reasons are as follows:


Peer Pressure: One of the most important reasons to drink among the young age students is the influence of friends. Students at times do feel a direct pressure as in the form of someone directly and forcefully handing the individual a beer, or at times it is indirect when the individual becomes a part of any group who are likely experimenting with alcohol. It is very obvious that parents cannot choose their friends for them, but on the other hand they need to understand the dynamics of peer pressure and the stress of being important in their own eyes handling such types of situations with care. If parents will try to understand and make the student comfortable in such conversions, this rise in the cases can be thereby handled.


To simply just fit in: Oftenly it is seen that in the post parties students usually discuss the details and gossip after having their drinks and possibly the worst hangover. For this age group these moments are certainly a badge of honor, as in finding out who drinks heavily and getting black outs and hangovers to just look cool or to fit in among the others. However, less do the know that these incidents can sometimes lead towards accidents, unsafe sex, arrests, missing out on activities, failing in course, being in general victimization and the most common outcome and one of the hazardous one getting raped. It is thus important to have only trustable people around you at such times and also maintain your drinking quantity.


First time excitement: Just to mix and spice things up and to get the feeling of excitement, students engage in and say yes in drinking alcohol. In the age of pursuing smart hobbies such as dance, music, reading etc. many students just drain down their teenage life first at experimenting in such activities and once to be known as cool they start liking the facts and finally end up in becoming such alcohol addicts. Drinking frequently occurs in such settings and it is important that you provide suggestions on how students can enjoy themselves without alcohol. Here are some such suggestions:

  1. Try to meet three new people.
  2. Try to find individuals who share common interests other than drinking.
  3. Try to think about topics for conversation before going to the party to keep the focus of the conversation away from drinking or not drinking.
  4. Never drink from a glass that has been out of your sight. Unfortunately there are some predators that use drugs to facilitate committing sexual assault.
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