Why Do Livestock Animals Lick Salt?

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Animals lick salt because their body requires minerals and salts. If they don’t get specific minerals, elements or salts so they face bad health and behavioural conditions. There are also many other factors that lead to bound animals lick Himalayan pink salt. Basically, Himalayan salt is extracted from the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range in Khewra, Pakistan. It is enriched with minerals and trace elements. So it will be the perfect diet to keep your livestock healthy.

Due to Harsh Weather Conditions Animals lick Salt
Due to harsh weather conditions, the body of animals needs salts and minerals. During the climate or weather change, all the animals have to migrate from their habitat so they face harsh diet conditions. To avoid such matters in animals they need to lick salt otherwise they will face fatal

Animals Can Face Malnutrition
if they don’t intake the proper amount of salts, minerals, and some specific elements. As humans face malnutrition so animals face too. There are many diseases like rickets, heart diseases, nerve and immune disorders, weak systems, etc that animals can face due to malnutrition. Blood pressure also leads to this issue.

Low Milk & Meat Production
When there is less availability of minerals and salts, animals face the worst health conditions like low milk and meat production. In this way, farmers should take care of their livestock and they should give them Himalayan licking salt. They just have to notice that once they start giving low milk then it will take a long period of natural process to come back normally. So precaution is the best option. Low milk and meat production low the earnings of the farmer. Little investment can lead to a rising farmer.

Which Animals love to lick salt
Not only livestock animals lick salt, in act there are many other animals in this list as well. Elephants, squirrels, parrots, deer, dogs and many other animals.

Livestock Animal Drink Their Own Urine
Animals drink their own urine due to deficiency of minerals, elements. You must have seen goats drink their own urine because of deficiency of salt and minerals in their body. It leads to many health issues and they become fierce in behaviour as well.

Animals Licking Salt Control Bad Behaviour Livestock
Farmers always become curious about the bad behaviour of their animals. For example, they start fighting with each other, they don’t show leniency, they start trying to run away from their farm fence and many other types of unwanted behaviour. So in this way, they really need to use Himalayan licking salt to get a pack of minerals, element

Salt Need of Cattle and Horse
You probably know about the salt needs of cattle and horses. Every farmer should know the basic need of cattle and horses to lick salt. In this way, there will be apparent milk and meat production that leads to the prosperity of a farmer. Per day salt intake needed of horses and cattle is 1 to 2 oz. Himalayan pink salt is appropriate and perfect to add to their diet because it contains 84 minerals and trace elements. It really helps in milk and meat production. Enables better growth of muscles and bones. Helps in healthy reproduction. 

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