Which is the Best PNP to Obtain Canada PR in 2021

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Dreaming of migrating to Canada? Do you meet all the requisite criteria promulgated by the Canadian authorities? What about CRS? Are you sure about obtaining entry into this one of the most promising countries in the world?

We have seen people turn discouraged and depressed when their immigration applications are ejected. A minor discrepancy in the document or a lacuna in the application can become the villain in one’s dreams. Note that, Canadian migration agency in Kerala can help you for completing the application and undertaking the administrative process. Therefore, there won’t be any issues with the formalities.

We assure you that there is nothing to worry about even if you fail to qualify. Yes, we are discussing another channel for obtaining entry to Canada. Provincial Nominee Program or PNP is the next best method for migrating to Canada. The expatriates can choose the best PNP and process the immigration application. Moreover, this method is advantageous for the ex-pats as well.

How!? You might be wondering. We would explore the preferable PNPs in Canada and the benefits of choosing the PNP way for migration in this post.

The Best PNP to Obtain Canada PR in 2021

We are elaborating on a few of the PNPs that can facilitate Canada PR in 2021. The PNPs listed below have been chosen based on their performance and the facilities offered.

SINP or Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Saskatchewan province offers great opportunities for skilled and qualified expatriates to come and settled in this region. The convenient migration procedure established by this province attracts a multitude of talented personnel from around the world. The province stands strong on the contributions made by migrant workers. That is one of the reasons for it to continue SINP without any reduction in intake.

SINP has two subsections of PNP viz. occupation in demand and expresses entry. The ex-pats can check out the sections and opt for the one that suits them. Canada migration agencies can help in selecting the category too. They can guide the individual and also undertake the process on behalf of the candidate. The aspirants can gain entry, get settled in Saskatchewan province, and begin a promising life.

OINP or Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Ontario is undoubtedly a greatly rewarding province that serves immigrants with a prosperous life. Migrants can choose OINP, to work and settle. The serene, beautiful, and pleasant life in the Ontario province has been attracting hordes of expatriates.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has various streams for migrants to consider. The candidate can review the streams and apply according to his or her qualifications and experience. The latest CRS requirements for PNP in OINP range from 463 to 467. That means the aspirant must obtain the said score to get an invitation. You may reach out to credible Canadian PR agencies to know more about the scoring system and how it works.

NSNP or Nova Scotia Nominee Program

NSNP has been providing migrants with bountiful opportunities. This province plays a pivotal role in making Canada’s migration feasible and comfortable for many immigrants. The astonishing aspect is that Nova Scotia is the smallest province in the country of Canada. The province has an advanced infrastructure and peaceful community that would make the stay enjoyable and pleasant for the migrant.

The NSNP express entry program offers 600 additional points. This can be a game-changer for an expatriate. He or she can get an invitation for Canada PR, with these additional points. Just go ahead and choose the NSNP program if you want to gain Permanent Residence in Canada at the earliest.

Benefits of Canada PNP in 2021

You might be wondering why we suggest PNPs obtain Canada PR in 2021. It renders the candidate with several benefits. That will make the migration easy and comfortable but also aid in immigration to most of the applicants.

  • Entry with Low CRS Score – The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score is the most talked-about factor when you discuss Canada migration. The PNPs allow ex-pats with low CRS scores also. Therefore, the individuals seeking entry into one of the most promising countries in the world, Canada, can get it through a hassle-free procedure.
  • Get Additional CRS Points – The individuals applying through the express entry for Canada PNP can get 600 additional points in CRS. Such a provincial nomination is helpful in many ways for the expatriates. S/he does not have to undergo a complex process for Canada PR, with these additional points.
  • Proficiency in English – IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE is the most common English language proficiency test in the world. A low score can spoil the migration dreams of candidates. However, this is not the case when one applies through PNPs for Canada PR. Those with low language scores can also gain entry to the country without any fuss.

PNPs are the best options to gain Canada PR in 2021 if you couldn’t make it through the normal channel. Consult a reputed Canada PR agency if you want to know more about the advantages of PNPs and other aspects of Canada PR.

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