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Varieties of reasons can cause wrinkles on your neck. To take your skin’s best care, you must provide it with essential nourishment by using body Care Lotions. Moisturizing the skin also helps in reducing neck wrinkles.

Reason for neck wrinkles

  1. Age

The skin loses its elasticity as we age. The skin’s elasticity refers to the ability of the skin to stretch and then bounce back to its original shape. When skin loses its elasticity, it becomes difficult for it to retain its tightness, resulting in neck wrinkles. Also, with age, the skin’s ability to produce oil decreases which also leads to wrinkles.

  1. Exposure to sunlight

The harmful UV ray can damage our skin and break down the connective tissue in the dermis. Skin retains its elasticity due to the fibres and collagen present in connective tissue, which, when damaged, leads to wrinkles.

  1. Smoking

Smoking can lead to physical changes like neck wrinkles. Cigarettes contain tobacco in the cigarettes that can reduce the collagen production of the skin. The nicotine reduces the amount of oxygen being delivered to the skin, which will affect its elasticity.

  1. Genetics

Genetics also plays a significant role in developing wrinkles. There are certain skin conditions where the skin ages faster.

  1. Repeated movement

Frequently repeated movements such as looking down on our phone will lead to skin wrinkles.

Options for neck wrinkles remedy

  1. Vitamin C

One of the common ingredients in any anti-wrinkle or ageing product is Vitamin C. This is because it contains antioxidants that inactivate free radicals, therefore, slowing skin ageing. Using products or consuming foods that are rich in Vitamin C daily will help reduce neck wrinkles.

  1. Quit smoking

Tobacco and nicotine in a cigarette are responsible for disrupting collagen production and accelerating neck wrinkles. Quit smoking to make your skin look healthier.

  1. Moisturize

Moisturizing is one of the common ways to reduce neck wrinkles. Using moisturizing products helps hydrate the skin, which boosts elastin and collagen production. Use products that have ingredients that are rich in moisturizing properties.

  1. Botox injection

Botox is popularly used as a remedy for wrinkles. Botox injections work by blocking the chemical signals that make the muscle contract, resulting in a smoother appearance. However, the effect of the botox only lasts for around 3-4 months, depending on the skin’s elasticity and age.

  1. Sunscreen

One of the main reasons for wrinkles is exposure to UV rays. Applying sunscreen helps in combating the signs of aging. Besides protecting from harmful UV rays, it also helps in moisturizing the skin and boosting its elasticity.


Neck wrinkles are common due to various reasons. However, you can also get rid of it by using simple skin care products. Shahnaz Husain’s products are focused on delivering the best by capturing the essence of each of the natural ingredients that are used in the products.

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