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Addiction is an action for an inability to stop using any harmful substance or particularly engaging in a behaviour causing physical or psychological harm to yourself or to your surroundings. Getting addicted to any dependence does not always relate to the dependency on cocaine, heroin or alcohol, but they can also include the activities of gambling, binge eating etc. Addiction, therefore, is also termed as a chronic condition which can also result in the consumption of heavy doses of medications. Similar to it people have phobias inside them which can sound weird at times but the existence of it is indeed pure and real.


There are numerous types of phobias and the name of some of them can sound really strange if we don’t suffer from it. The Alcohol Rehabilation Center in Mumbai came across many patients who indeed dealt with weird addictions and phobias after combating their addiction issues. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai therefore came across the term philophobia and met patients related to it and was in absolute shock. Thus, to generate more awareness The Alcohol Rehabilation Center in Mumbai thus has gained enough knowledge and information which is stated below.

Probably many of you have never heard the word philophobia, but today at writing, we want to show you what it is. Let’s get started!


Philophobia is suffered by those people who feel an inexplicable fear of affective relationships. We are not referring to the typical insecurity that a relationship with a person can cause for many of us, but rather we emphasize the word fear. People who suffer from philophobia begin to feel a tremendous restlessness and terror just thinking about the idea of establishing an effective relationship (we don’t necessarily mean loving relationships).In the most severe cases, people with this disorder may not relate to anyone else and are thus subjected to truly harmful social isolation.


As with other types of phobias, people who suffer from philophobia experience feelings of anxiety and nervousness just by thinking about the issue that scares them so much. This can lead to more serious ailments such as panic attacks, palpitations, or gastrointestinal disorders. In addition, and as far as the psychological field is concerned, they are constantly looking for alternatives to escape from social relationships.


As with any other phobia or fear, it is necessary for the patient to realize that he or she has a problem. Until the person recognizes that they need help, it’s really hard for them to overcome that phobia. In these cases, it is necessary to resort to professionals who can help us to treat the problem correctly. The support of the people around us is also a fundamental aspect of overcoming this type of problem. As there are recovery techniques for addiction, there are recovery techniques for phobias as well. Following are the below mentioned treatment process with a systematic assessment establishment, the foundation of the treatment process, is as follows:

  • Transition
  • Stabilization
  • Early Recovery
  • Mid-Term Recovery
  • Late Stage Recovery






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