Treating Alcoholism with Ayurvedic Treatment

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Alcohol is actually consumed across the globe now-a-days without any restriction where the habit of excessive consumption is also being an issues where the term alcoholism comes into existence with the creation of a plethora of diseases in the record starting from the destruction of mental being to physical being and then starts the effects on the spiritual health of the individual with societal and economical issues which thus also raises the family problems too. Thus, the term alcohol dependence syndrome is also a major issue which has led towards a plethora of problems on the row. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai states that the craving of alcohol is a major issue where the prevention symptoms or withdrawal symptoms cause tons of issues with major symptoms also on the row with insomnia, depression, short temper, sweating, headache, temporary memory loss, anxiety issues and trembling issues as well.


The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India also states that people thus experience hallucinations where the sensory experiences of the individual find or see some things which are not in existence at all, or triggering minds are also a disturbing fact where they initiate the cravings inside their mind during their sleeping tenure. Hence, the heavy craving signs are usually observed by the rehab centres and therapists where they also provide them and explain them with many signs of prevention via which they can understand the in-depth issues related to alcohol drinking and the issues imbibed within them. There are thus many stages of alcoholism, they are all stated below:


  • The adaptive stage is mainly the testing stage where the individual has the capability to tolerate their need and thus would start to increase their intake quantity where it is not at all noticeable too.
  • Then comes the dependence stage where the individual nearly starts depending on the quantity of intake and has also increased their intake consumption and has thus become an addict where they cannot resist themselves from drinking.
  • The last is the deterioration stage where the human body cannot intake anymore capacity and has thus shown signs of body organ failure or damage in any other part where the starting of mental disorder is also on the fall.


Thus, the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India has seen many individuals also opting for ayurvedic approach for their alcoholism problems where alcohol is generally known as ‘Vish’ in Hindi which means ‘Toxic’. Hence people usually opt for many homely remedies such as the minxture of capsisum, coriander and sugar flake with water as it makes a natural antioxidant, followed by pinch of salt with sugar and a bit of lemon juice which would be a detoxifier, whereas curd is also a good detoxifier. Drinking of water and carom seeds can also filter the body, then onion juice is also healthy for the body, whereas the drinking of apple, grape or pomegranate juice can also be considered to be greatly healthy.


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