Tips To Maximize Vitamin C Retention In Food For Drug Recovered Patients

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According to the Drug rehabilitation center in Gurgaon, It is best to add and eat raw and fresh vegetables and fruits for the consumption of Vitamin C in your diet and not completely rely on cooked vegetables. The drug rehabilitation center in Gurgaon suggests that one should cook the vegetables on low heat with a limited amount of water for a short period of time to minimize the loss of Vitamin C. Also, after a fair consultation with several reputed doctors across the nation, the Drug rehabilitation center in Gurgaon recommends that drug recovered patients can intake multivitamin supplements as it is also a great and simple way to boost your Vitamin C intake rather than to struggle and get enough from your diet.


Below are some of the tips to reduce the loss of Vitamin C in our daily diet. They are as follows:


  • Choosing fresh vegetables and fruits which also can be eaten raw to avoid cooking as it reduces the amount of Vitamin C. You can thus consume salads, juices, smoothies, shakes etc.
  • You can fry, roast or sear the vegetables and fruits as they do not involve any water and will thus maintain the amount of Vitamin C. A little amount of Vitamin C can be lost due to heat exposure but still less than the loss from the water method.
  • For better nutrient consumption you can cook your food as fast as possible and without much use of water and heat.
  • You can steam your food as it preserves the nutrients which includes water soluble Vitamin B and C. Scientists around the world have found that steaming green vegetables can reduce Vitamin C content by just 9-15% thus providing you with much nutrients.
  • We should try to eat our cooked vegetables within one day as their Vitamin C content starts declining due to exposure to air.
  • Do not use baking soda while cooking vegetables as Vitamin C can be lost in the alkaline environment which is produced by baking soda.


Below are some of the factors which you can keep in mind before choosing a multivitamin supplement rich in Vitamin C. They are as follows:


  • You can choose a supplement which is made from organic natural whole food sources.
  • You can choose those multivitamins which have ascorbic acidic form as they have a higher bioavailability rate which means your body will be able to absorb it very easily and effectively.
  • You can choose such Vitamin C which are in the form of ascorbic acid and should not take any other multivitamins with it specially zinc, iron, B Vitamins as they do not boost your Vitamin C uptake but also reduces the intake of other important nutrients.
  • If you want to intake enough Vitamin C from your supplements, then you should look for supplements which provide you up to 500mg of Vitamin C per serving.


You can also consider the daily effervescent tablets as they deliver complete nutrition to your body including Vitamin C and antioxidants in most natural ways. Only one effervescent tablet can provide you with 400mg of Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid. The formula of effervescent also increases the bioavailability of the nutrients and also activates the nutrients so that they can be absorbed by the body in the most productive manner.



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