Tips to get your business ready for an ERP system implementation

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ERP software provides several advantages to most businesses across a wide range of industries. However, ERP systems implementation must be dealt with before businesses can benefit from it.

In this blog we will look at a few factors that you must consider being ERP system implementation success factors.

  • Plan your timeline and budget

An ERP system implementation’s success is primarily determined by how well you assess the need for time and the budget you have and how well you allocate those resources. A limited budget can lead to corners being cut, or omitting proper training or process development.

  • Make sure that your Inventory accuracy is at or near 100%

An inventory problem is one of the top reasons for companies to seek ERP solutions. Typically, this is more of a process issue than a software issue. With a good ERP solution, you will have the tools necessary to keep inventory accurate – from reliable material planning to powerful planning and scheduling tools, to easy-to-use inventory transaction recording.

Implementing ERP successfully means you gain the confidence that the inventory numbers you’re being told are correct.

  • Make sure that you have one set of records

Successful ERP system implementations provide a centralized repository for your critical data. This allows information to be automatically tabulated and easily extracted from one solution. Data can be viewed, charted, and pivoted in spreadsheets. The only difference is that data now comes directly into your spreadsheet rather than being manually entered.

  • Make promise to your customers that you can keep


Customer service representatives (CSRs) are among the most difficult employees to manage. Making promises to customers often ends in a futile attempt to keep them. Even if the ultimate reasons for the broken promise were beyond their control, most CSRs view it as a personal failure on their part.

In order to successful ERP system implementation, customer service needs to be able to get information quickly and easily to provide or keep a promise. Every step in the manufacturing process development focuses on providing the CSR with accurate data in order to fulfil their responsibilities as regards dates and quantities.

Implementing these tips can help you improve Efficiencies in business with your new ERP solutions. The operation will run smoother, your team will be able to automate many tasks that may have been carried out manually in the past, and you will receive data and insight that can guide your decisions.


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