The Reason of Frequent Urination After the Consumption of Alcohol

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It is often heard and observed that people tend to drink alcohol which leads to an increase in the process of urination, where a large amount of urine is excreted from the body which is not usually normal and where the bathroom round trips are also keenly observed. It is a fact that a single drink also has the ability to create more urination than what an individual expects after drinking water of the similar size too. Thus, the combination of both the factors have their reasons to increase the level of urination which can happen due to the chemical change in the kidneys and also that the increased amount of the fluid inside our body due to the alcoholic content inside our body.


The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune mainly states that the frequent urination issues because of the consumption of alcohol happened as the chemical shift in the body is noticed. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune states that alcohol mainly suppresses some parts of the brain where the chemical named as ‘vasopressin’ in released, where in normal conditions, the chemical which is caused in the kidneys are reabsorbed by this fluid whereas it is then filtered through the kidneys as well. This effects and process mainly helps the body to regulate the amount of urine which is produced as the amount of vasopressin in the body is then lowered down, the body does not then reabsorb as much fluid from the kidneys which then increase the amount of urine production.

Hence, in addition the effects of alcohol substance on vasopressin and the volume of alcohol has also contributed to a large amount of urine which is produced over a time period. As the effects of vasopressin on mainly the kidneys have a large effect on the production of urine, the similar amount if mainly consumed and tendency to increase the urine production is also seen where the main aim is to remove the extra fluid from the body. Alcohol is very diuretic in nature which also means that the water loss is present through the urine pass as it does by the inhibition and by the production of vasopressin which indeed plays a very large role in the water excretion regulation.

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