The Language of Stress

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The Drug Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai will talk openly about the meaning of Stress. Today every individual around us is suffering from stress. Stress has become one of the widespread problems in today’s generation. The Drug Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai provides the information that the word stress is derived from the Latin word “STRINGI” which means “to be drawn tight”. We can say stress represents those conditions that actually create a load on us and we as an individual are not able to meet or cope with that load physically or mentally and ultimately it leads to mental breakdown or psychological reactions which can ultimately lead to illness.

We consider that stress is bad for us, it only spoils our health and decreases our capability to do work. But stress can be positive or negative. Positive stress is the one which provides us with the situation or conditions to develop and achieve something. It is also called EUSTRESS where ‘eu’ stands for good. On the other hand, bad stress is called distress which hampers our condition. The Drug Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai therefore, explains the causes and the ways to reduce stress in one liners or pointers.


1. Rat Race

New inventions happen daily; which creates a pressure among people to strive hard and push their limits and creates pressure.

  • Result- this pressure results in stress because everyone can’t handle it, Burden of people, feeling of being useless..

2. Social media

Selfies, pictures and status updates have become a vital part of once living. Everyone tries to be a person that they are not basically showing the fake side of themselves in front of others. ·Results- causes stress, can lead to depression, fear of missing out, lack of confidence, feeling of isolation etc.

3. Lack of outdoor activities

No time to go out and play or do any other activity because of my busy schedule.

  • Results- It harms the mind and body, creates a stressful environment, and the person becomes lethargic.

4. Pessimism

When one is surrounded by negativity or negative people then the person also becomes negative. They don’t focus on the bright sides and always look on the negative side.

  • Results-Depression, negative thoughts and unwanted feelings that can destroy a person’s life. These are the four major reasons for the cause of stress in one’s life. They can impact someone’ life and can destroy their lives.


1. Meditation and yoga

Increases oxygen uptake as well as hormone function which decreases stress.

2. Sleep

Insufficient sleep leads to anxiety, depression and other metabolic disorders and hence results in stress. Proper sound sleep for 8-10 hours can help in relaxing and decreasing stress.

3. Get off the Grid

Constantly scrolling through social media and comparing yourself with others makes happiness conditional. Thus logging out of social media can help us to get more productive work done thereby reducing stress.

4. Healthy diet

Healthy diet has a cascading effect on the brain which reduces oxidation hence decreasing stress.

5. Indulgence in physical activities

Lowers the symptoms associated with mild depression and anxiety.

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