The Importance Of Sex Toys In Our Lives: Why Are They Becoming So Popular?

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Coming home from a hectic routine day at work exhausted and thinking of summoning a genie to do the household chores & make you feel good. Well, that’s quite a big wish that may not be fulfilled, but you can still think of a good orgasm to refresh your mood. Wondering how?? with the Cupidbaba’s exclusive range of adult toys or what we call it- Sex Toys.

Sex toys are designed to fulfill your sexual desires and all your naughty wishes. Sex toys are designed to stimulate your most pleasurable area like the clitoris, G-spot, and prostate. About 70-80% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm. Toys let you experiment with things that might not normally do, eg; double penetration with a partner and a toy or letting someone with a vagina penetrate someone else with a strap on.

Also, sex toys are called toys for a reason because they add fun, playfulness, and pleasure to your sex life and relationship. They let you feel good and mix things up if you get a little playful with a new type of sensation. Toys also help you to figure out what feels good and what brings you to orgasm. There are toys for everyone regardless of gender or taste, from edible lubrications to vibrators, from penis rings to fleshlights, masturbation sleeves to restraints. Sex toy helps to enhance your sex life and have a more desired orgasm and overall sexual satisfaction.

What are the benefits of using sex toys?

  • Sex toy helps you to improve your mental and physical health. Stress is one of the most common mental problems and believe it or not if you get a sexual orgasm, it helps to release stress. If you are using a sex toy, then there are fewer chances of getting STIs or other urinary infections, just always keep your sex toy sterile. If you are using a sex toy for stimulation, it also counts as sex, and we all know if we have good sex it is good for the heart and also controls our blood pressure sex toys are as good as normal sex but chances are with sex toys you can get satisfied anytime.
  • Sex toy helps to improve your sexual relationship with your partner. Usually, in long-lasting relationships, the spark starts to disappear after some time. With sex toys, you can reignite that spark and bring the fun back, and also add some spice to your intimacy. Sex toy also helps you get more comfortable with your partner where you can share your desires; it is going lead to a more trustworthy bond than ever.
  • Sex toys are the ultimate source of self-love and also boost your confidence. Sex toy teaches you that you don’t need anybody to satisfy you, you are enough for yourself. But it does not mean you don’t need anybody it is your choice to choose what you want. they also help you get comfortable in your body and what you like, because when you are using a sex toy there is no fear of judgment, you can fulfill your desires whatever and however, you want.
  • Sex toys help to overcome the problems like sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction. It is an actual problem but nothing to be worried about. Some people suffer from these problems because of performance anxiety. If I am being honest, all this pornography and mainstream media have set our different levels of mindset, which is far different from reality. At some point, both men and women suffer from this issue. But with the help of sex toys, while masturbating, we can find our climax which helps us to reach our orgasm with our partner.
  • Sex toys are not only for women; they are basically for everyone, every gender, every community. But there is more spotlight on women’s toys. But there are so many toys for men too. For all those solo lonely nights & experimenting with your partner, the sex toy market has a thing. Toys can help you to explore your body and with the use of sex toys, you can relax plus also drive your partner without doing much. Toys can teach you to master your body and orgasm, from delaying the orgasm to having multiple orgasms and still staying hard, you can learn everything with the use of sex toys.

There are still many myths about Sex Toys in our society. One of the most common is, that sex toys are going to replace your partner, but this is not the case. Toys and partners serve two different purposes, sometimes one might fill the space of the other, but one can not replace the other. But flesh and blood and hands and lips and fingers and tongue cannot be replaced by motor or silicone, metal or glass.

Sometimes you want a crazy night and sometimes you just want cuddles. Believe it or not, but half of the women and men who own a toy are in a serious relationship. They are using them to add more pleasure, fun, kink, and playfulness to their sex life. Sex toys help to increase sexual desires and orgasm or variety and newness providing overall sexual satisfaction. Nowadays, most people use them not only to enhance their sex life but also to make their bond stronger.


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