The Deadly Combination of Alcohol and Smoking

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We always see in general that people consume alcohol and also tend to smoke as well where they are unaware of the fact that drinking alcohol can even make it harder for an individual to quit smoking. Many people know their triggering points, however they never tend to include smoking in their quit plan with alcohol. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune states that alcohol usually makes one do many things which one has not even imagined to do, so this activity of smoking with alcohol can be a very common activity to see among the drinkers and chain smokers.


The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune thus states that drinking alcohol is merely known as a social activity which also includes smoking as a part where the smokers who never drink may also start to have an urge to get into this deadly combination whereas the table can turn and it can go the other way around. Hence, if an individual is going down the process of quitting any 1 thing or the other, they thus need to quit both the things together as it can make their schedule much easier to conquer and grow. Avoiding binge drinking or smoking, either one should also be ignored primarily to come to per day drinks or smoke to actually giving up the both as it is a tendency to either have both the chains together which can take you to nowhere.


We all know that cravings are usually known to be a normal part of the process of quitting where it can be very hard to deal the details with, but when one tends to be smoke free for a certain period of time, then the triggering points or cravings do come back, Thus, if it is alcohol for you, then one should also not have craving or control their cravings for smoking too or vica versa. The Addiction Treatment Centre in Pune thus says that heavier drinkers have the tendency to smoke heavily as well where the use of alcohol and tobacco are somewhere linked to each other where they may interconnect themselves as interaction points where the relationship between both these substances are definitely situational.


There are many addiction specialists who have put a light on the issues that the activity to smoke merely increases the risk of alcoholism treatment failure where the urge to attempt and then achieve is put into drain completely. Thus, it is a fact that alcohol and nicotine both have higher chances of increasing the dopamine concentration inside the brain, thus altogether the combination can be extensively deadly.







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