The Crime and the Criminals

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We always hear nowadays to go for Criminal Background Checks for Employment, or may have seen people communicating the message across corporates or even in small firms to lookout for Criminal Background Checks for Employment. What do you think? These small Criminal Background Checks for Employment action can prevent a big happening in the future.

When we hear the word crime, a feeling of trepidation comes to mind. Crime exists in the mind. It is that mentality which forces one to commit it because someone once said ‘what we think we become’. It is that dime-store mentality which pulverizes society. It is our society who brace the criminals. You know how? Criminals are increasing day by day because we brace them, by neglecting them, it makes them free to do anything with anyone’s life. We heard daily rape cases, kidnapping, murder, sexual harassment. How easy it is to say the word crime and easy for criminals to commit, it is the fault of ignorance.

In society, a tuition teacher is harassed by beating a student in the name of teaching, parents too braces not caring about the child’s mental health, here starts the crime. People are busy in their own personal life not even cognizant about what is happening in society. In this social media world and competitions, no one has a concern about what is happening, people nowadays don’t even know what is happening next to their house. Assaults, stalking, harassment, kidnapping, murder, manslaughter, rape, arson, terrorism, gang violence, robbery, all are increasing day by day.

Child abduction is increasing at a higher rate, it becomes rare for criminals. In every 8 minute kidnapping is done by strangers. Same for domestic violence, it is done especially in the name of cohabitation, in most of the cases womens are victims not physically but mentally too.

And ‘rape’ it crosses all its limits. In Delhi NCR, 11 murder case is ignored in the name of superstition. What the hell is happening in society? It braces the criminals to commit crimes. Children from small villages were forced to do work at a tiny age and tortured them a lot.

‌ The other major reason behind this is there is no strict law which makes these barbarian free to do anything. If one who commits rape should be given the punishment of being handicapped, more who thinks of committing this will stop. There is no other way to stop them as there is no worth of any person’s life in the eyes of these barbarians. This punishment is also less for these barbarian, many offenders commit more crimes after the punishment too, as there is no harsh punishment for them.

‌ There are a lot of shows given just to alert people of growing crime in order to save them. But with the increase of population, crime increases. In actual crime pretends but we people ignore it and the result is we end up being a victim. Nowadays we don’t feel safe even at home. The other major reason is ‘money’, which changes a person into a barbarian.‌ It is we all who let criminals play with innocent people’s lives, only we govt & people together can stop the crime.

Everyone needs to take the steps, a small starting can make a big change.

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