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For many marketers, the term “brand awareness” represents a vague concept generally treated worthy of investment but rarely defined in a precise manner.

Mr. Rajpal explains, “‘brand awareness’ as providing the best quality of products/services to the clients/consumers which will help the company to achieve it’s goodwill and goodwill brings a scope of growth of the company it is the major source that can make any company’s name a brand that anyone and everyone can trust on. He also said that growing your business through advertisement or spending money on advertising is good but only if you know the process and elements by which brand awareness will lead to higher sales. You may accept greater recognition of your brand can lead to sales growth but not completely.”

Brand awareness refers to an individual’s ability to recognize or recall. Getting your employees to consistently exceed expectations is the best way to grow your brand. Also creating killer, branded content is the king as “Content is where the real money will be made on the internet, just as it was in broadcasting.” – Bill Gates (1996). Not only writing content but showing what you have written in the content will help grow your brand. As promoting an individual business is easy because branding depends on the personality of an individual but when the business is owned by more than one individual then the product must stand out from others in your category. So to make your brand stand out you can build connections with your customers by sending personal notes and gifts. As little things still matter. Differentiating your product through brand awareness messages can also lead consumers to be willing to pay more for your product than your competitors. Promoting product through social media and keeping an eye on if anyone names yours brand in an online conversation or any other way you can chalk up a point for your brand awareness. This includes @mentions on social channels, links to your content, or references to your product or company. Those are the golden eggs you should be sharing with your followers.  Brand familiarity affects the purchase choices consumers make as well as their willingness to pay. Improving your brand image and familiarity in your market can produce long-term loyalty to your business, this makes the promotion of brand awareness essential to your business growth. With greater clarity of intent and supported by the brand awareness advertising solutions, you can confidently start your path to long-term revenue growth.

Mr. Shailesh Rajpal in the end concluded that, “Once you have a community that trusts you, they’ll purchase everything you put in front of them.”

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