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One more survey by Gartner describes the importance of mobile apps and SEO Outsourcing in India, i.e. consumers in 2009 downloaded almost 2.52 billion applications globally and since then the ratio of using SEO Outsourcing in India has reached upto 258.2 billion users in 2022. This is why apps started to become one of the most productive and successful tools for SEO Outsourcing in India and even in other businesses, trying to reach a broader audience.

Picking a Team for SEO Outsourcing & Mobile App Development

 The cost of developing an app can be expected, but choosing the right team is more crucial. You can start your own research by checking their website, details about them on social media platforms as it says a lot about their past projects, the work culture they opt for and the strategies or approaches they believe in.

You may come up with questions such as checking on the type of industries they have worked for? Do they work on UI and UX design too? Which specialized technologies do they use? And much more. All these questions will help you to come to a decision where you can finalize your development team.

As a business owner, you can acknowledge this process by following certain steps. You must consider these points while finalizing your app development team.


  • Knowing your Requirements:

The foremost thing to do is to be aware of your needs and requirements for the mobile app which you are planning to create. As you have to specify the details to your team and help them understand.


  • Finding the Right App Development Company:

Selecting the app development team based on the type of outsourcing you need. You can opt for both onshore, offshore, or near shore outsourcing accordingly and then go for that particular company.


  • Check the Portfolio of the Company and Communicate with their Previous Clients:

Always check every recommended company’s portfolio with mere detail and try to communicate with their past clients for better results. You will be able to relate to their experience and come to a certain decision at times.


  • Selecting the Service and Payment Model:

As per the development team you opt for, you need to choose the best service teams project-wise that have provided their best working staff models. There are 3 service model options you can opt for: Project-based, dedicated teams, and extended teams.


The payment model will depend upon the type of service team you choose. You can choose between fixed, time, or material paying models.


Now, here is a list of the potential points you should discuss with your app and SEO development company for better results:


  • Having experience with similar projects within the industry.
  • Possibility of building a prototype before starting the coding process.
  • What are the approaches which can be used for everyday work?
  • What are the communication tools used by the company and how frequently does the team communicate with their client?
  • Which technology stack can merely be used?
  • Do they have any references to show from their previous clients?
  • Do they get support from any business partners, such as Microsoft or Google?
  • Asking them to state their work culture and their principles.


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