Sending a Child to a Rehabilitation Center

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Many Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune have special areas reserved only for the underage kids who have been indulged in heavy drinking. These Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune, also have Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune in collaboration with them sending patients or underage drug addicts struggling with addiction issues. The Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune understands that the underage people are more likely to resist strong treatments because of their lack of experience and foresight regarding the addiction that will make their transition into adulthood very difficult as drug abuse creates a hard and long lasting impact. On the other hand many Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune have witnessed the underage addicts to be able to find addiction starting from their homes. Most of the Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune have also witnessed that teens do have a very low capacity for impulse control because that the advanced portions of their brains have not yet developed and thus this remains the best option for their parents to send them off under professional care.


Now, legally people under the age of 17 years or younger are put into the residential rehabilitation centers without even their consent. This is although a very hard decision but under the circumstances, parents usually do not have any other choice as the teenager’s life is at a real risk because of the alcohol and drug abuse which eventually forces them into entering an area of completely acting resented and angered by nearly everything. One should also keep in mind that teenagers brain is still in the phase of development that is upto the age of 25, thus meaning that the damage done because of the consumption of drugs and alcohol abuse can be corrected before the age of 25.


Is my Kid Addicted?


Now, the first step to get addicted is usually to make the problem right. Symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse sometimes overlap the conditions of mental illness which eventually forces the child into entering a relationship with addiction which can cause a serious drift between the parent and child relationship. Now, this gets very complicated as the teenagers with abuse substances typically hide their behaviour from their parents which they know they will not approve of. Thus, parents should always keep a head up on their child, if they are showing the following signs. They are as follows:


  • Staying out late everyday
  • Change in social circles suddenly
  • Changes in sleep schedule suddenly
  • Suddenly being secretive or withdrawn behavior
  • Changes in hygiene or grooming habits eventually
  • Sudden unexplained weight change
  • Unusually large or small pupils
  • Health changes feeling sick after staying out late frequently
  • Sudden reduction in ability to meet school responsibilities and getting complains
  • Bloodshot eyes everyday
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Severe mood swings frequently
  • Anxiety and paranoia feeling everyday
  • Decrease in ability to focus on things
  • Frequent unexplained lethargy
  • Increased aggression change
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or extracurricular activities
  • Unexplained agitation or increase in energy followed by frequent crashes




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