Residential Ramps: What You Need to Know

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What are residential ramps?

Residential accessories, serve as a walkway or barrier-free pathway for pedestrians who are unable to walk around a regular ramp. They’re located at the front entrance, at the bottom of the stairs, at the back of the walkway or in an interior living space such as a kitchen or dining room. They can also be applied to other areas of the home, such as the bathroom or the bedroom. What types of residential ramps are available? Our ramp products consist of portable, self-leveling platforms and elevated or semi-raised platform lifts. Some of the popular models available include the Ascend Portable Residential Ramp, Mega-Glide Ultra Platform Lift, and the Tetra-Glide Ultra Platform Lift. Are residential ramps affordable? Residential ramps come in various price ranges depending on the features.


Why should I invest in a ramp?

A ramp is a solution that helps your home’s transition to an accessible environment. Every year more than 50% of Americans have mobility impairment, and 50% of those mobility impaired are seniors. It’s vital to have a ramp in place for the safety of your loved ones and the safety of those in your care. As people grow older and want to age in place in their home, it is important to have a ramp in place. In order to become an accessible home you must have a portable ramp or a vertical platform lift to help make this transition. We also sell solutions that help keep individuals safe and healthy in your home. A simple benefit of installing a care system is that you can stay in your home and be a part of the aging process.


How to maintain your residential ramp

To keep your residential ramp in good condition, follow these handy tips. Clean: The weather outside may be beautiful, but the inside of your home can be stinky and messy. Make sure your ramp’s surface is dry and free of debris so that it doesn’t sag and damage the ramp. Apply a coat of grease: Before using the ramp, thoroughly clean it with a light oil that can be used on the underside of the ramp or the ramps legs. Apply a coat of grease on the underside of the ramp. This will keep the surface from drying out or causing cracks. Use the ramp several times a year to prevent the oil from evaporating. Avoid salt water: Salt water and snow are two common culprits of damaging the surface of a residential ramp. Make sure that you remove salt and snow off your ramp each time you use it.


What are the benefits of having a ramp?

People can increase mobility, freedom, independence, mobility and comfort through our wide variety of product choices. Our ramp collection features some of the most versatile mobility devices in the industry and we’ve got a little something for everyone. Why choose Residential Ramps? Our electric powered universal standers are ideal for wheelchair users, those with limited mobility and for anyone who wants a higher height platform to ensure access to the second floor. Our portable lift systems are lightweight and portable. They include rollers, ramps and horizontal platform lifts that can be stored and transported easily.



Sometimes life is complicated, and there are no straightforward solutions. Unfortunately, this is true when it comes to mobility devices. While you may not think of yourself as a helpless person, others do. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help, but you also don’t have to go without your independence. By understanding and working with the people who can best help you, you can make your life easier.


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