Red Palm Oil Can Be Beneficial For Hair! Here’s How?

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Red palm oil is an oil found in the plains of Africa and is famous as an oil there. It is obtained from the virgin seeds of the Elaeis guineensis tree and is red when it is unprocessed. The oil gets its red color due to carotenes such as lycopene, alpha-carotene, and beta carotene. People tend to buy hair products seeing their colour and smell, and this oil is purely red and glossy.

Here are some four red palm oil usage that proves its benefits for the hair and scalp.

  1. Acts as an emollient

An emollient is a substance that soothes irritation on the skin. It provides smoothness and lubrication to the scalp. Red palm oil is rich in fatty acid works wonderfully as an emollient. It provides intense moisture to the scalp and locks it in the strands. It is rich in fatty acids like palmitic acid and myristic acid that are beneficial for hair.

  1. Cleanses and conditions hair

Red palm oil has a mystic and palmitic acid, which works wonderfully for hair. Myristic acid is known as a powerful cleanser. Natural oils are wonderful in conditioning the hair cuticles by providing moisture and hydration to the cuticles. If one has dry and damaged hair, red palm oil provides intense nourishment and moisture.

  1. Helps in fighting scalp damage

our hair and scalp are exposed to harmful sunlight, UV rays daily. Oil provides an exterior coating to the hair. Red palm oil is rich in fatty acids that may help fight the damage from the sun and harmful rays.

  1. Has antioxidant properties

Oils are a rich source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to promote healthy and glossy hair. Red palm oil has full content of vitamin E, which is a powerful source of antioxidants. The antioxidants help the scalp and hair get rid of harmful oxidants and chemicals that we come across daily due to high pollution, smoke, and environmental stress.

How to use red palm oil?

Red palm oil can be used effectively before shower and after the shower too. Before the shower, it should be applied at least an hour to help the strands lock the moisture in the cuticles. Oil is known to provide deep nourishment—Oil the hair with red palm oil and massage for about 20 minutes. For better results, heat the oil. Use the warm oil on the scalp as it increases its efficiency.

After the shower also, this oil can be used because it can act as a conditioner and provide frizz-free and manageable hair. It may help in keeping the locks tamed and straight.


Organic hair colour is red because it is extracted from the seeds of the red pam oil plant. The oil’s intense red colour and gloss can attract many people and may lure them to use it. It should be used as it’s effective. One won’t mind and regret using this oil for hair.

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