Pros and cons of comparison site

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Pros and cons of comparison site


Price Comparison Sites( are tools that help shoppers make the right buying decision. These websites compare the price, features, review, rating, shipping & return policy, etc. They are vertical search engines wherein the shopper searches for a product and find the comparisons of various criterias. Smart consumers consider comparison sties like Yahoo Shopping, GoBazzar(, Pronto, Price Runner, etc. as their go-to tool for product comparison – a crucial step before shopping.

Nedless to say, comparison sites come with their own set of pros and cons. Consumers should be well aware of them while using the sites. They are as listed belo –

Pros of Comparison site:

  • They are convenient: Comparison sites provide the list of all hundreds of retailers selling a single product along with its price and features. Thus, they save time and make it convenient( for potential shoppers to do product research and comparison.
  • They save money: This is the reason why most of the users visit a price comparison site i.e. lower cost. Comparison sites enables shoppers to find the lowest costing deal for the product they want. List of hundreds of retailer/e-commerce website with the prices for a product can be found.
  • They provide discounts: In extension to simply enlisting the low costing products, visitors sometimes also get discounts. Thus, for some products or sites, if the users buy products through teh link on the comparison site, there are further discounts.
  • They make lesser known brands visible: Consumers mostly know about extensively marketed and popular brands. However, there are many smaller barnds providing similar quality products. Comparison sites enlist such brandedd products and websites.
  • They provide consumers more value: While price is an important factor, comparison sites provide comparison for other criteria too. Using comparison sites, users can get comparison for the product features and functionalities. Thus, it is helpful in getting low cost products which have equally good quality. Thus, consumers get good value for their money.
  • They provide reviews and ratings: For any consumer, customer reviews and ratings are an important factor that they consider before making any purchase. Comparison sites invite their users to provide review and ratings fo the products they have purchased through their links. On the other hand those who are looking to buy the product will be able to read the reviews and accordingly make buying decision.

Cons of Comparison sites:

  • They are the middlemen: While comparison sites make shopping convenient, still, they are the middlemen between the retailers and the consumers. While they may be more convenient for consumers, they remove the direct contact between the retailer sites and the consumers.
  • They charge commission or fee: Comparison sites while free for the users, charge the retailers in their list. They have affiliate agreements with the retailers. Thus, they receive a flat fee or commission for every click or sale that the retailer site receives through. While this may not be in any way disadvantageous for the consumers, there are chances of they providing the comparison in a order that favours their affiliate partners.
  • They don’t cover all retailers: Comparison sites enlist hundreds of retailers. Still, not all retailers can be covered in it. Also, of the retailer sites enlisted, the priority would be of those site that rae affiliate partners of the comparison sites. In this case, there are some retailer sites which do not use such comparison sites and thus cannot be found on their list.

These are some of the prons and cons of comparison sites.

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