Pollution and Consequences

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The Drug Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon will talk about the hazardous condition of Delhi NCR and it’s districts who are facing the problems of Pollution. According to the Drug Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon, each year these areas during the time of winters face the crisis of pollution as with the rise of cold fog, the cities face the problem of smog air. Talking about the different problems of Pollution, the Drug Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon will mention the preventions and the harmful effects on our body too. Pollution contributes to the harmful environment those results in adverse effects on living beings. It is one of the major areas of concern areas for the whole world. It is a global issue involving the governments, voluntary institutions and the media.

Pollution is a process of making the environment dirty, unhealthy and unsuitable for humans and animals to live. It is caused due to the release of both tangible and intangible contaminants. These can be released naturally or by humans themselves accidentally or deliberately.

More than 200 million people are affected due to toxic pollutants. Due to pollution, there are few countries that have faced defected childbirth and increase in mortality rate. Humans are regularly exposed to pollution when they inhale toxic air inside them.

Pollution can be controlled, if not eliminated. Efforts such as promoting a green environment, proper disposal of waste, etc are simple steps that lead to great emphasis on maintaining the order of the environment.

  • When you breathe polluted air into your lungs, ultra-fine particles –particulate matter smaller than 10 micrometers– can be absorbed into your bloodstream.
  • These particles are then transported throughout the body to all other vital organs.
  • The main reason air pollution damages our bodies are because of the inflammation that results from our immune system’s response to the particle. Immune system thinks that air particles are bacteria and releases antibodies.

In order to fight this life threatening effects of pollution, vigorous efforts should be made. Anti-pollution laws should be strictly implemented. In order to check water pollution, sewage and the factory wastes should be properly disposed of and vehicles should be made eco-friendly. Environmental pollution is a global problem today. Public awareness is a must to prevent pollution. Population control will also help to save the world from environmental pollution. Scientific exploitation of natural resources is yet another step to prevent environmental pollution.


Pollution disturbs our ecosystem and the balance in the environment. By following the above simple points, we all can restrict pollution at our own level. Each year millions of people die due to various diseases caused by pollution. The key to living a healthy life is to protect the environment from pollution. ion level over the years by human and natural causes has caused severe damage to the earth’s ecosystem. Lifestyle, habitat, etc everything is being adversely affected. Though natural causes cannot be stopped, human beings’ accidental and deliberate actions can easily be stopped which surely will result in the control of pollution generation.

Preventive measures:

  1. Plant trees/cultivate gardens to curb polluted air and release more oxygen.
  2. Switch off electricity-based equipment when not in use: lights, fans, machines, etc.
  3. Make higher use of natural energy than electric energy: dry the clothes naturally.
  4. Use recyclable products, wherever possible.
  5. Avoid plastic bags and use paper bags.
  6. Avoid wastage of paper and use both the sides.
  7. Restrict usage of hazardous chemicals.
  8. Don’t overuse heaters and air conditioners.
  9. Use public transport to reduce noise, air and light pollution.
  10. Protect Mother Earth by not spilling oil, garbage, sewage water, etc at undesirable places.
  11. Stop burning of crackers during marriages, Diwali, etc.
  12. Don’t dispose of eatables, packaging in oceans, rivers, etc.
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