Pancakeswap Clone Script To Build DeFi based DEX Exchange On Binance Smart Chain

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PancakeSwap Clone Script is a DeFi Exchange Script. It enables you to launch DeFi based DEX Exchange on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) similar to PancakeSwap. Our Pancake Swap Clone Script is a 100% replica of PancakeSwap DEX Exchange that 100% supports Staking, Yield Farming, Crypto Exchange, IFO, NFT, Lottery Schemes, etc…

Components of Our PancakeSwap Clone Script

Smart Contract
Cryptocurrency Wallets
Payment Gateways
Identity and privacy
Blockchain-powered with Consensus Mechanism
Liquidity Pools
Security APIs
Exchange APIs
Swap Mechanism and more.
Specialties of Our PancakeSwap Clone Script
Supports for all Binance Smart Chain Wallets
Token Integration with no limits
IFO – Initial Farm Offerings
Lottery System
Non-Fungible Token Markets
Dynamic Staking
Various Trading Pair Support
Bug Bounty Program
Automatic BEP 20 token swapping and more.

Premium Features of Our PancakeSwap Clone Script

Users can stake and farm LP tokens to earn CAKE tokens as rewards

Through which users can buy lottery and win rewards when the numbers of their lottery match with the winning lottery

A special NFTs earning for users is created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Users can add liquidity to the pools by exchange/ staking of tokens

Allows users to trade BEP-20 tokens and other tokens n the platform

Lets users swap BEP-20 tokens and earn native tokens CAKE

Allows users to add liquidity to the pools by depositing tokens

Profiles & Teams
Lets users create profiles and join in a team and win as a team

All the users of PancakeSwap and holders of CAKE have the rights to vote for any corrections or updates in the exchange platform

Bug Bounty
A reward for the users who find the bugs or errors in the exchange platform as a whole.

Prime Features of Our PancakeSwap Clone Script

Automated Marketing Maker
Swapping Mechanism
Integration of Liquidity API’s
Bug-free Smart Contracts
Yield Farming Mechanism
Staking Pools
Ultra Security APIs
Price Charts
Lottery System
Bug Bounty Program and more.

BlockchainAppsDeveloper’s PancakeSwap clone script is built with decentralized application and Automated Market Maker for fast transactions for crypto users like Pancakeswap.

Latest Version: PancakeSwap Clone (Updated in 2021)

Type: Decentralized Exchange Script

Native Token: CAKE Token

Supported Cryptocurrencies: Stablecoins such as BUSD, USDT, DAI, LINK, and more.

API: Liquidity API’s Integrated

Swapping Tokens: BEP-20 Tokens

Rewards per Block: 25 CAKE (Customizable)

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