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Why You Choose TATA Play DTH New Connection in Tiruttani, Tiruvallur, Tamilnadu? – has made it easy for the subscribers to have a seamless entertainment flow. For connection submit your details at or

Anushya Enterprises – One of the Best DTH Service Providers in Tiruvallur. Comparing other DTH, Tata Play Tiruttani is the best DTH in Tiruvallur. New Tata Play DTH Connection plans & Offers in Tiruttani for 6 months and a 1-year subscription for SD and HD Box are available. Normal box (SD-DVD Picture Quality) 1-year subscription comes around Rs.2999/- only.  250+ Channels will come. After 1-year again same package recharge comes Rs.2160/- &  for 6-months Rs.1080/-  or for monthly means Rs.180/- Tata Play New Connection Contact number near me in Tiruvallur, the one & only Anushya Enterprises – Dial 9043743890 / 9282335555 Best DTH Provider in Tiruvallur. HD recorders today, has become a necessity in our life. Now you will not have to miss any of your programs. If you are going to record programs or movies from your TV set, then Tata Play HD PVR Box in Tiruttani is the best Offers sale because of two reasons. First, as mentioned above Tata Play comes with a 500 GB internal hard disk which is a lot of storage space. Secondly, there is an extraordinary feature called a series soundtrack which helps to save many events of a particular channel. Customers can Pause, play and record up to 3 shows. Parental Control is available, auto stand by mode, 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, and 3D Comfortable. The complete pack with an MRP of Rs.4999/- So grab the offer before you miss the chance. Our service locations are tata play dealer in Tiruttani, tata play new HD connection in Tiruttani, tata play new installation in Tiruttani, tata play DTH service provider in Gummidipoondi, tata play HD box Thalaiva pack in Thiruvelankadu, tata play new connection offers in Panapakkam, tata play new connection in Agoor, tata play new connection in Arcod, tata play new connection in Arumbakkam, tata play new connection in Arungulam, tata play new connection in Athipatti, tata play new connection in Mamandur, tata play new connection in Manager, tata play new connection in Karamangalam,  tata play new connection in Nemili.

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