Myths About Eating Which Are Not True

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The Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon has released a series of pointers which are just mere myths about eating habits which were witnessed by the doctors in the Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon. Thus, to create an awareness regarding the matter the Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon has covered the following topic.

When we set out to take better care of ourselves and eat better, we look for information to fulfill our purpose. However, there are many myths about food that baffle us and make us feel confused. So, today I would like to dismantle some of those myths so that there is no risk of doubts. Above all, now that we are especially worried about our body and so we land up doing what not to get that perfect shaped form of it.


Carbohydrates are one of the most controversial elements in dieting. On many occasions we are told that we should not eat them under any concept since they will make us fat without stopping. However, nothing further. A healthy diet should contain all the elements that our body needs and carbohydrates are one of them. They are important to us because they provide us with a great deal of energy to cope with everyday life. However, like anything else, we should consume them in moderation and if we choose complex carbohydrates better than better. These include, for example, cereals.

No dinner

In some diets we are assured that not having dinner helps us lose weight. We completely dismantle this myth. It is true that the metabolism acts more slowly when we are resting but we should not dispense with a meal as important as dinner. The ideal would be to eat light foods that do not contain too many calories and that help us to make a good digestion. But you know, dinner is a must.



Most people often think that in a diet we should completely dispense with sugar. As we have already said, our organism needs all the elements we have, and sugar is one of them. What we should avoid is refined sugar such as that found in industrial sweets or ultra processed foods. We can use sugar in its most natural form. Fruits are a good option in this case.


This is one of the most widespread myths when it comes to food. We usually think that light foods are totally calorie free and that we can take them without measure. This is completely false. Generally, light foods or products are the same as their normal version but with a few fewer calories, which does not mean that they are healthy. Light refreshments are a clear example of this. Don’t excuse yourselves in the world of light to eat badly.


People have a very mistaken concept of whole foods. Unlike what people think, they don’t make us lose weight on our own. They may actually contain the same calories as a normal product. What is certain is that they are a good alternative thanks to their high content of fiber and minerals. But don’t think that by choosing the integral option you are going to lose weight.





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