Myths About Drug Rehabilitation Center in India

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Known for its absolute one of a kind rehabilitation centers, some of the best drug rehabilitation center in Pune, offer types of treatments among which the centers integrates revolving around only Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the 12 step facilitation mindfulness meditation, which indeed has a strong evidence base of being one the most effective treatment for the alcohol addicts and also for various related disorders.

Like this statement, people have many misconceptions about the drug rehabilitation center in India, that either they use only the above-mentioned therapies, or use only medications etc., which is completely a false understanding.  Many of the centers also focus on the individual’s physical fitness, helping the patient with a full recovery yoga session. Below are some of the common myths that people assume about the Alcohol Rehabilitation center in Pune.

  • Addicted individuals caused their own drug addictions: It is essentially a brain disorder, nobody chooses to do drugs.
  • Reducing drug use is better and easier than quitting altogether: To truly recover from addiction, it is simply not enough to cut down drug use. A complete detox process is a must to break the chain and ties from consumption of drugs and improving your complete physical health.
  • Treating drug addiction with public funds is a waste: Every dollar spent on treating a drug user mainly saves 7 dollars which might be otherwise spent on medical bills, legal costs or in jail.
  • Drug addiction is only a problem, in certain countries: Drug addiction is primarily a global concern. Already at least 114 countries across the globe have reported the cases of HIV infections caused by exchanging of drug needles, highlighting the scope of the problem.
  • Addiction can be treated in a matter of days: Researchers believe that it takes about 21 minimum days in an inpatient therapy or even more than 90 days in an outpatient therapy depending upon the situation and results to secure the lasting results.
  • Prescription drugs aren’t real drugs: More than 2.4 million people across the globe abuse prescription drugs in 2010, and this is a number which cannot be ignored.
  • Addicted individuals are beyond help: Roughly a half number of those who complete rehab say goodbye to drug use forever.

Thus, one should help the people in need and break these assumptions; the best way to help someone is to directly seek them with professional help. Following is the procedure one can do:

  • Researching about the addiction details and discussing the matter from a keen point of knowledge.
  • Practice the approaching topic technique, however ignore being presumptuous, hurtful or mad.
  • Opt for the accurate time and place.
  • Assure the patient with your genuine and honest support
  • Stage an intervention, such as one that can involve other people who have the patient’s confidence and have a certain convincing power.
  • Advise them on where and how to get the help of a professional
  • Explain in details the availability of Science-based treatment options

Therefore, the need of rehabilitation is a must and indeed a positive choice bringing your closed ones back to normal and a positive life.




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