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Best Luxury Car’s Parts & Maintenance Store in Dubai UAE.


Autovivo LLC is Situated in Al Wasl Compound, Store No. 68Industrial Area 3, AL Quoz DUBAI – U.A.E where you can buy genuine spares parts for Ferrari Lamborghini Maserati. The company offers the best quality luxury cars auto spare parts at competitive prices in Dubai UAE.

W deals with wholesale and retail for Ferrari Lamborghini Maserati spare parts in Dubai. Autovivo LLC stocks and distributes a wide range of spare parts across the UAE. The company offers the best market prices for all luxury car parts and all items made available with short notice. Our global supply base and exclusive distributorship right in UAE offer us an obvious advantage to provide quality parts directly from Italy at the right price.

We as a corporation is one of the most reliable & best importer and distributor of luxury car parts in UAE and your one-stop destination for all luxury car parts requirements.


A Genuine part is a part that is originally put in your luxury vehicle like Ferrari Maserati Lamborghini when it was new and has the car manufacturer’s logo on it. This does not mean the product is actually made by the car manufacturer, it is oftentimes made by a different company but the car manufacturer’s logo is added. Autovivo LLC provides genuine products to our customers directly from Italy.


Autovivo LLC provides a highly professional service based on open dialogue, trust, and a firm understanding of the client’s requirement. We excel at delivering what the client wants – and when they want it.



Our talented and dedicated team is committed to delivering high-quality spare parts of Ferrari Lamborghini Maserati to our customers. Excellence is an intrinsic part of our company, and that we always aim to exceed expectations within the quality of the services we offer and therefore the results we deliver.


To be recognized as an industry leader in luxury car parts by delivering efficient, reliable, and prompt services with genuine parts, and we work hard to deliver value for our clients.

Our Experties:

Global Shipping

As one of the most experienced and trusted suppliers of genuine luxury car parts in Dubai UAE, we can supply you with Original Equipment Parts wherever you are in the world, using only the most trusted couriers.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are world-leading, whether you are ordering one part or hundreds.

Customer Service

We have a dedicated, multi-lingual team in Dubai UAE, that provides you with assistance throughout the order process, including updates on how it is progressing.

Whole Sale and Retail

We are proud to service both retail and wholesale/trade customers so whether you are after one part or one hundred, we can manage your requirements.


  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • Maserati


We provide a wide range of luxury cars part and quality customer service to the wholesale, retail

We deliver anywhere in the UAE and worldwide

We import the best parts and accessories directly from trusted sources in Italy,

Our export team deals with the export of genuine luxury cars spare parts and accessories for our clients in different parts of the world.

We are one of the largest importers of Ferrari Lamborghini Maserati spare parts in Dubai UAE. We have been successful in retaining the customers by providing them with high quality genuine spare based on their requirement.

We are the one of the best luxury cars parts dealer in Dubai UAE, with a trusted client base. When it comes to spare parts, trust is our keyword.


Which car parts are cheap and the cost of maintaining a car is low? A lot of people don’t know about the car’s fractional ratio

Here is a saying: “Buying a car is easier than keeping a car.” It is said that buying a car is just the beginning, and the subsequent maintenance cost is also an aspect that has to be considered. Among them, maintenance costs account for a large part.

Many car owners found out after buying a car, “I’ll go, a 300,000 car, it will cost more than 20,000 to change a headlight?!” Suddenly, the whole person is not good.

So, how do you know if a car’s accessories are expensive? Here we need to introduce the concept of zero-to-one ratio.

What is the zero to whole ratio?

The zero-to-integrity ratio refers to the ratio of the price of all parts and components of a vehicle to the sales price of the entire vehicle.

In other words, you can buy a few new cars for the money spent on replacing all the parts of your car. The higher the value, the more expensive the parts and components of this car, the higher the repair costs, and of course the higher the corresponding commercial insurance costs. Generally speaking, 300% is a reasonable value.

Some friends may ask, if the ratio coefficient is high, does it mean that my car is a good deal?

In fact, it’s not all. The price of parts is directly related to the after-sales profit of 4S stores. It is necessary to know that the after-sales profit of 4S stores has already exceeded sales profit and has become the main source of income for 4S stores.


Of course, the zero-to-integral ratio coefficient can only mean that once the car breaks down, you need to spend more money. If the failure rate of the car is low, then you may not spend more money throughout the life cycle.


Call Autovivo LLC Dubai UAE (04 328 7914, 055 122 2283 +39 059 7878337) or Email Us: [email protected] when you need maintenance service or auto repairs of your Ferrari, We’re a trusted, local business in Dubai UAE that you can count on to take care of your car.



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