Lack of Women Safety in Every Corner

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Primarily talking about the Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon district, the region seriously needs help as it is known as the addiction capital of Haryana and a prime location of occurrence of many molestation and violence cases against womens. When an individual develops any form of addiction, either of drugs, alcohol etc. we genuinely advise them to opt for a rehab process, however, in the case of a women, they are not even safe in these rehab centers as there have been cases on the news from this city where women are also attacked inside the Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon. The Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon, functioning properly towards the betterment of the society, but are women safe there or anywhere?

According to an addict survivor at the rehab in Gurgaon, Every time a girl walk out of my house my mother’s heart rate is higher than mine panicking all around the house till I come back. My dad always waiting for me by the door like a watchmen at night all tensed up as the clock hits the 10 digit. How modern and liberal we tend to call our Indian culture or our country still because of some people girl’s aren’t safe. Be it a girl who is of 2 years or 20 years, right from the moment she is born there can be tales heard of such disastrous incidents of monsters scaring and hurting her. People tend to say that it is the girl’s fault always as she is the one who tend to attract the opposite sex for being judged on her clothes or words. It sometimes bother me that a 2 Year old girl is also raped, what can a 2 year old girl would know on Fashion Sense that she is attracting other men?

When I was in school there were many a times many workshops or sessions were conducted where people use to come and teach the girls how to defend themselves if someone ever tried to attack them, I usually thought that how better it could be if the same people could organize sessions for boys trying to make them understand how to keep the girls safe and how to respect them. Safety of women matters a lot whether it be at home,workplace or in public places. Women are not only harassed in night or evening time but at day time at their home or places like street or club etc. In 2017 it was found through a survey that reason for sexual harassment is the lack of gender friendly environment and mainly from consumption of alcohol and drugs in open areas with lack of effective police protection service and improper helpline numbers too. It is very true that women in India are given a place of goddess in our society however and how much importance is given still we cannot ignore the negative aspects of a women’s position in India. Girls in many parts of India try to cover or shield themselves through booksor bags or they wear clothes which can cover them completely some cases many a times girls our sold by their own parents for prostitution business.

Despite of formation of various effective rules by our government still the number is increasing day by day. Women status in the country is being now more offensive and dreadful in the last few years. Women are in doubtful conditions for their safety and have fear while going anywhere outside alone. But, we should not just blame the government because women safety is not only the responsibility of government but it is the responsibility of each and every Indian citizen especially men who need to change their mindset for women’s.





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