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Kutch is an interesting destination to visit on holidays . It’s a large district, falling under the province of Gujarat State, India. It’s substantially a salty marshland with most greenery, and the rustic geographies spotted with several villages and many townships. The name Kutch, also pronounced and written as Kachchh, is based on the geography of the place. Also, the name also signifies something that becomes wet and dry at alternative time intervals, and similar to it, a large part of the district is submerged in water because of the rainfall during the rainy season and also becomes dry in other seasons. This large part of the district is called the Rann of Kutch, which is also a wildlife sanctuary that’s largely significant to the government of India and forest department. old temples, rugged forts, unique local handcrafts, rich wildlife, migrant birds and flamingos, elegant garments spotted with embroidery and mirror work, and salty apartments that turn snow-white in post monsoon season are the attractions charming one towards the place. It’s an ideal destination to spend the holiday as holidaying in the place is an experience of a lifetime. Given below are some popular places in the location that are worth visiting.

City the Village Hotel & Resort-

City The Village Beach Resort is located at Mandvi one of the Best hotel & resort in Kutch Gujarat. The Resort has Royal and exotic style architecture and landscaped which includes 56 rooms and suites, Gujarat’s biggest party plot of 4000 peoples, Swimming Pool, Outdoor games, multi cuisine restaurant and other amenities for a perfect holiday in Kutch Gujarat. Our Live kitchen restaurant concept is one of the best restaurant in Mandvi, Kutch. Intricate architectural carvings adorn the structure in the iconic style of the 18th-century. Indian red sandstone unites the old and the new with the exotic designs adding an exciting and fresh dimension to the region’s ancient carving industry. Book your stay with one of the best 5 star hotels & resorts in Mandvi, Kutch, Gujarat. Experience and enjoy our 5 star services in the lap of nature.

Aaina Mahal-

It’s an amazing palace situated in Bhuj near the beautiful Hamirsar Lake. It’s an old 18th century structure that exhibits the advanced infrastructure of the place that existed in medieval times. Aaina Mahal, which translates to the Hall of mirrors, is literally a palace that’s constructed of multiple mirrors and golden adornments in addition to the other elements. It’s a two storied building housing fountains, mirrors, small puppets, doors that are inlaid with ivory and gold, etc. The palace now has been transfigured into a gallery that provides a detailed insight on the place’s history. 

Koteshwar Temple-

It’s a largely adored spiritual place and a well-known place in Kutch. It isn’t exactly in Kutch but located about 215k.m. from Bhuj, the capital of Kutch. You have to pass the vast distance of desert to reach the temple. Amongst Hindus the place holds tremendous significance, which explains the continuous inflow of visitors. Located near the western coast of India it’s maybe the latest bastard- formed village on western most end of India placed on a high platform overlooking the vast Arabian Sea. 


Dholavira is Located about 250k.m. from Bhuj, it’s a point of immense archaeological significance. The location was discovered in 1967 and belongs to the Harappan era. It’s a large ruined area covering about 100 hectares of land and consists of multiple remains and ruined structures, including the world’s oldest water conservation system. 

Vijay Vilas palace- 

The architectural heritage is a classic of history associated precisely with the culture of Gujarat. The massive palace was built as a mid-year retreat in red sandstone which reeks of royalty in its every niche and split. One of the best visiting places to visit near Mandvi, fall in love with the amazing majesty of this palace. 

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