India Being a Popular Outsourcing Destination

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Outsourcing is a practice in which one company hires another company or individual / individuals to perform specific tasks, handle operations and provide services. SEO Outsourcing in India, in the recent years has shown that most of the European and American companies have shifted to Asia as their preferred destination for outsourcing.

SEO Outsourcing in India, in the recent survey, about 82% of the European and US- based companies have voted for India as their first and most preferred destination for software outsourcing.

SEO Outsourcing in India is a preference for outsourcing depends upon low cost, increased quantity, and innovative solutions a country can provide and the Asian countries like China and Philippines also provide low cost services, it is only talent-rich India that provides good quality and has skilled resources in almost every field.

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Rise of educational institutes provides a good quality of workforce and a huge population gives a huge workforce to the outsourcing companies.

Reasons for India to be the favourite outsourcing place are:


India has the second largest population, after China and world’s largest youth population. Every year many students graduate which makes the workforce stronger and stronger every year.It also makes the workforce bigger with every passing year. So, the outsourcing companies have a large skilled workforce for them which makes them outsource here.


English is the most common language used in the world and India is the second largest country to speak English, after the U.S. As India has adopted an English curriculum in most of the schools and colleges so the students graduating every year are comfortable and confident in English making companies want to outsource in India.


One of the main advantages that India offers is the cost effectiveness in services. Low costs are favoured by the outsourcing companies for obvious reasons. Thus, this makes the companies to easily manage to outsource according to their budget again making India a favourite outsourcing destination.


India, being the largest democracy in the world has without any doubt the most stable government. The IT sector has always been the first priority of the government of India.

The government of India has implemented the ‘National IT task force’ 108 point action plan to promote the growth of IT in India.

Also, in May 2000 Indian parliament passed an Information Technology Bill, called the IT Act 2000. Over the years, Indians have built IT parks which have one of the finest technologies and infrastructures.





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