How to develop an Android ECommerce platform?

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Androids are one of the most popular selling platforms or software in today’s market. Thus, you will find several Hire Android App Developer India, in today’s market. When you will Hire Android App Developer India, they will help you out with the smallest of the aspects needed and found in an android platform. Today with the help of Hire Android App Developer India, we will help you to develop an android ECommerce platform.


SEO platforms such as 3dcart help eCommerce websites to reach or connect with their customers, but they do not build a website for you. This requires the need for a software development project. In our case, we will travel you through the certain delayed steps, to build an android eCommerce open-source platform. The steps are as follows:


Step 1: Accept agile software development:


  • E-commerce entrepreneurs certainly increase their applications, thus iterative developments are termed to be very important and agile is the exact methodology for this development project.


Step 2: Hire a skilled team:


  • For getting conductive successful results, your development team should inculcate detailed skills and knowledge.


  • The development teams should inculcate these roles: Business Analyst, UI/UX Designers, Node.js Developers, Testers, Project Manager.


Step 3: Use the Heroku Paas:


  • Heroku Paas is considered to be one of the most advantageous and reputed Paas providers as Heroku allow your development teams to focus on the coding majorly. It handles the cloud infrastructure, networking, middleware, operating system, runtime environment, scaling, servers etc.


  • It consists of a razor-like focus, maintaining a great web app development platform for years and ensuring a good developer experience to many.


  • Heroku also allows developers to manage, deploy and scale android applications where you will be able to access comprehensive documentation.


Step 4: Use a reputed Android eCommerce framework:


  • There are ample options available to choose a most suitable android eCommerce framework, as all of them are known for their qualities and functions.


  • You can choose from:


Step 5: Project Management using the ‘SCRUM’ technique:


  • Scrum is the best project managing technique having a complete form of a cross-functional team of designers, testers, developers etc. working together. This is known as a ‘SCRUM TEAM’. And the manager of the project plays the role of a ‘SCRUM MASTER’.
  • Here, there is either one of more than one ‘Product Owners’ who provides the requirements as a mere feature in a particular document. This process is known as ‘Product Backlog’.


  • The repetitions in a Scrum Project are mainly known as ‘Sprints’.


  • The scrum team plans a ‘Sprint Planning Meeting’ where they estimate a feature budget and then book different features in different sprints, based on their priority.


  • When the team works on a particular ‘Sprint’, they usually conduct a ‘Daily Stand-Up Meeting’ for every project.


  • Now, when the features are working and are particularly ready for a demonstration, the team then organises a ‘Sprint review meeting’ and the project stakeholders after discussion approves of the decisions.


  • Finally, at the end of each sprint, the team then meets in a ‘lesson-learned exercises’, which is a session for rectifying the mistakes. This meet is known as the ‘Sprint retrospective meeting’.


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