Healthy Diet Schedule For Alcohol Recovering Patients!

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Many Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai have concluded and after a thorough research came to the conclusion of including the following fruit items in the diet of an alcohol recovering patient. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai charges a hefty amount in the name of providing a nutritional diet to their recovering clients. Let’s go down with the understanding of the types of fruits the clients are given and what benefits they include. Currently, there are more than 50+ Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai.



Natively from Mexico, Guava is a common tropical fruit which is cultivated in various tropical and subtropical regions across the globe. Known for its edible and fruity taste, it contains several nutritional benefits, as it helps lower the blood sugar level, boosts our heart health, relieves the painful symptoms of menstruation, benefits your digestive system and also helps in weight loss.



Also known as Naseberry or Sapota, Chikoo is a sweet flavoured fruit, with a texture in comparison with a pear. Being rich in nutrients, Chikoo is a major storehouse of Vitamin A, E and C and has great skin health qualities with amazing moisturizing properties. It also has the presence of antioxidants such as polyphenols, ascorbic acid and flavonoids with being an absolute natural reducing wrinkling agent.



Gooseberry or Amla, known in India, are best enjoyed fresh and sour fruits, which can be either eaten raw on their own or can also be used in cereals, yogurts, salads etc. Gooseberries can also be cooked; however the nutritional qualities are instantly destroyed during the complete process.


The regular intake of gooseberries leads towards a healthy and glowing skin and also improves your eyesight, boosting your immune system and also regulating your lipids and blood sugar level. One can churn out and make pickles or candies for regular and easy consumption. High in fibre and low in calories, they protect your brain and also contain anticancer effects.



Bananas are one of the highest exporting and importing fruit across the world. India is one of the largest banana exporters in the world and has successfully established its name in the global market. With health and quality standards to be maintained, Banana contains potassium, folate and fiber, with qualities of Vitamin C, supporting positive heart health.


Bananas are also rich in moisture and as it contains moisture, it hydrates and moisturizes your skin, which ultimately makes it soft and supple, restoring the moisture with the rough texture and healing the parched skin, it also boosts your hair making it dandruff and frizzy free.



Grapes are fruits in clusters of 15-300 and can be in black, green and in pink color. The Indian grape exporters daily export tons of grapes across the globe and the global demand for this fruit has been on a serious rise in the past decade. Used in deserts and can be consumed raw, it has several nutritional benefits and tastes sweet and sour.


The nutrient in grapes mainly helps us from the cancer cells, reduces eye problems and cardiovascular diseases. Resveratrol is an important nutrient in grapes offering health benefits as grapes are a good and important source of potassium, fiber and also consist of several other important minerals and vitamins



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