Guide to De-Addiction Centers in Mumbai

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An alcohol abuse disorder is a quite serious yet a progressive condition. The early symptoms of an alcohol abuse disorder may include drinking more than planned, constant drinking addiction despite the concerns of the surroundings, and often attempts to cut down and relapse to the situation. There are many de-addiction center in Mumbai, helping people in these situations. To get completely intoxicated, the abuser may feel it as a positive and relieved situation. Developing frequent complaints of nausea, vomiting, fatigue and anxiety, this situation can sometimes take a physical toll on the abuser and its surroundings.


Drug Rehabilation center in Mumbai follow the same timeline of recovery to treat their patients in a more centralized and neutral manner by breaking down an individual’s recovery into various stages mainly depending upon the developmental model usually prepared by the condition of the patient. Following the below mentioned treatment process with a systematic assessment establishment, the foundation of the treatment process, is as follows:


  • Transition
  • Stabilization
  • Early Recovery
  • Mid-Term Recovery
  • Late Stage Recovery
  • Maintenance of Sobriety


Being one of the biggest IT sectors in India and a home to thousands of youngsters, the city of Pune has recorded the most such cases, mainly in between the age group of 19 to 32. To help such people taking them towards the stream of light, many de-addiction treatment center in Mumbai, have recently been on the move. However, as the rise of this situation in the past decade, many people or organizations have also taken this situation into only monetary terms. Therefore, abiding by the specific rules, below are the essential needs that the de-addiction treatment center in Mumbai, follows for a trustable conveyance:


  • Certifications, Licensing and Accreditation: The reputable addiction treatment center in Pune is always accredited by The Joint Commission or by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Both independent and non-profit organizations, who only focus on providing quality and valuable results for the needful. To attain such accreditation or a license, the process is very crucial and absolutely ethical, therefore, always check the need before selecting, however, most of the de-addiction treatment center in Mumbai, have their processes following them with utmost ethical values.


  • A Multidisciplinary Treatment Team: Providing a highest quality treatment program, involves a fully-functioning multidisciplinary care team, working in all aspects starting from body, spirit and mind. Having mixed professionals towards the reaction of an individualized treatment plan, required a lot of determination, thought process and years of practice. The team mainly consists of:
  1. A medical doctor
  2. Psychologist
  3. Psychiatrist
  4. Nurse
  5. A Chemical Dependency Counselor
  6. Nutritionist
  7. Spiritual Care Counselor
  8. Wellness Specialist


The de-addiction center in Mumbai offers a full support group session process as well as a complete therapeutic session as well, after the completion of the initial phases. Promising towards a healthy and positive normal lifestyle, these de-addiction center in Mumbai provide an assurance of a serene gleeful environment. Although various parts of these sessions can be seriously difficult, one will be able to uncover their underlying issues with a fueled up drinking tenure, and ultimately will churn out the overcoming possibilities.




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