Get expert solutions for your carpet cleaning service in Manhattan!

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Get expert solutions for your carpet cleaning service in Manhattan!


SoHo Rug Cleaning is a full-service carpet cleaning company that incorporates the highest standards of professionalism and quality. We are the best choice for carpet cleaning in Manhattan, NY.


Our Professional Carpet Cleaning NYC area specialists are specialized in the carpet cleaning process, ensuring that we offer a thorough deep cleaning that leaves carpets soft and breathable. Our state-of-the-art equipment and chemical-free solutions ensure your carpets will be kept clean without damaging their structure or performance. So, you may get great solace in your carpet cleaning in Manhattan service at the most affordable price.


The carpet is the first thing to be seen in a whole room, and it sets the tone for the rest of the décor. So your rug must be spotless every time you need to host guests.


Hot Water Extraction Or steam-cleaning:


Professional carpet cleaning methods include the hot water extraction method and steam cleaning.


Hot water pressure washing is a common method used by many DIY homeowners and carpet cleaners. We used this method with pressure-washed cleaning products. This method required time for resolving dirt through chemicals used in carpets, breaking dirt particles into small pieces, and can easily suction out.


Absorbent bonnet carpet cleaning Technique:


The absorbent bonnet cleaning technique is another favourite choice for carpet cleaning. Unlike other carpet cleaning techniques, it’s not required much time to dry.


The process needs first to do regular vacuum cleaning and then use cleansing chemicals to spray on the carpet.


Professional Dry Carpet Cleaning:


Unlike others, we recommend this most convincing and simple method for carpet cleaning. For those who called weekly service for carpet cleaning in Manhattan or professional Carpet Cleaning NYC, we better recommend them for this affordable and easy carpet cleaning technique.


In this technique, our professional Carpet Cleaning NYC technicians use CRB (counter-rotating brushes) or mechanized brush cleaner to apply the absorbent mixture to break down oily soil on the surface of your carpet and then, strand off it for 8 to 10 minutes.


SoHo Rug Cleaning offers a wide range of services for carpet cleaning in Manhattan, NY. We will take care of your needs so that you can rest assured knowing that your carpet is clean, healthy, and will look wonderful for years to years.

carpet cleaning NYC
carpet cleaning NYC




For professional carpet cleaning NYC area, call SoHo Rug Cleaning today at (718) 509-6934.

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