Fruits, Being the Best Mate

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The Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai raises the question of How can a fruit be your friend, isn’t the question arising in your mind? Yeah, fruits can be our besties. There is no give and take policy lying here. Fruits give us all of its nutrients, vitamins and minerals what it has. Well yes, we need to nourish a plant with proper care, resulting in a sweet fruit, but, does the fruit ask for a deal instead? However, the Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai, added, No. There is a proverb,” An apple a day keeps doctors away! Fruits in our breakfast table must be an unbreakable rule.

The Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai states that Exotic, fresh, sweet and sour fruits with its various recipes, aren’t that fun and delicious to bite on! That’s not a constitutional rule, to eat raw fruits all the time. Some fruits do provide us fibre and roughage, which keeps a better working of our excretory system. We can also go for fruit shakes, fruit ice-cream, custard, smoothies, juices, salads and so on. People who are fond of citrus fruits can have- Oranges, Grapes etc; one who likes tropical fruits can eat Banana, Mangoes; others like melons, strawberries, blueberries and more are also good in taste.

Although kinds of nuts like- Walnut, Almond, Cashew etc are also types of fruits that help the body in its metabolic activities and functioning. A person should always look ahead with seasonal fruits like; summer gives us Mangoes and winter gives us Oranges.

To lead a younger, healthy life, we need to intoxicate our body by providing antioxidants and nutrients in the right amount. A bowl of fruit not only fills our stomach but that recovers the internal body deficiencies too. Deficiencies can lead to diseases and improper health conditions. Holding on immunity is a strenuous work that our body performs. If immunity drops down, no disease is harmless, not even an insect bite. Lifestyle diseases like- High blood pressure, Anemia, Diabetes etc can be balanced by eating its referred fruits on time. For eg-High blood pressure can be controlled by eating Berries

Diabetes – Apples, Banana etc. Cancer and other kind of life hacking diseases can also be maintained by having, apples, melons, bananas etc. Balanced and proper diet with daily workout, can burn our body fat as well as fill our body with nutrients. Fit body is a key to live longer and happier. Fruits are secret to beauty as well. Application of fruit masks and its pulps can be an instant glow for a beautiful skin.

Life goes and comes in a new way, there is a long way to see life and its adventures. Have fruits every day for a healthy, fit body with a wide smile to our face and lead life twice a time.

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